All-Way Stops Meet with First Step of Approval

Post date: Nov 10, 2012 3:15:2 PM

As follow-up to the deferral of this issue at last week’s Council meeting, Town staff presented a report on traffic studies conducted at the intersections identified at the request of Legacy residents through the Legacy Community Ratepayers’ Association. On September 18, Staff recommended and the General Committee of Council accepted that the intersection of Rouge Bank/Russell Jarvis/Cottontail should be an all-way stop intersection. Staff also recommended and General Committee accepted that a school crossing guard should be provided at this intersection.

In addition, Councillors present agreed that three additional intersections should become all-way stop intersections for the safety of pedestrians walking to and from Legacy Public School and the Rouge River Community Centre. Approved were the intersections at Russell Jarvis/Legacy/Juneberry; Legacy/Lady Fern; and, Rouge Bank/Silverflower. Councillors expressed their awareness that the request from Legacy residents is largely a matter of trying to regulate other Legacy residents to enhance the safety of pedestrians, particularly school children, who walk to and from popular community amenities.

Not approved for all-way stop signage was the intersection at Russell Jarvis/Rouge Bank (northwest).

This matter will now come before Council for final consideration at its meeting on Tuesday, September 26 to be held at 7 pm. Legacy residents are encouraged to attend in the Council Chamber at the Markham Civic Centre, 100 Town Centre Boulevard (turn right off of Hwy 7 one light west of Warden). Show up and express your concern for pedestrian safety in Legacy.

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Posted on: Sept. 13, 2006

What happened at Markham Council Sept 12?

Thank you to those residents who attended the 7 pm Council meeting.

For procedural reasons, the request for additional all-way stops in Legacy was placed on the agenda of the Council Committee of the Whole meeting which started at 5 pm. The Mayor and Councillors in attendance allowed Don Hutchinson to make a full presentation concerning the all-way stops, including a video presentation of each intersection showing the pedestrian’s eye view on the way to and from school. Principal Paul Carew also spoke briefly noting the safety concerns expressed to him by parents and that student enrolment is over 480 students with roughly 125 of them being in Kindergarten.

As a result of the initial request, Town staff began conducting traffic studies of the identified five intersections this week. Arup Mukherjee, Manager of Transportation for the Town, indicated that the data from those studies would be available for the Council General Committee meeting scheduled for 9:30 am on Monday, September 18. A motion was made, and passed, deferring this matter to the September 18 meeting which is open to the public. The meeting will be held at the Markham Civic Centre, 100 Town Centre Blvd. (turn right at the first light west of Warden on Hwy 7, and right again at the first light).