Welcome to D'Evelyn Counseling!

*Students can now contact their counselor through google chat, email, or set-up an in person meeting by scheduling an appointment. Counselors will be reaching out to students using google chat while remote, and by calling them down to the office when they are in the building. We recommend students have google chat open while attending remote learning classes. Parents please reach out to the appropriate counselor through email (listed below).*

Students can schedule appointments with counselors by clicking on the counselor's name below and fill out their google form.

Mr. Watson (Office Hours: 7 am - 2:45 pm) High School A-K

Ms. Harrington (Office Hours: 7 am - 2:45 pm) High School L-Z

Mr. Northway (Office Hours: 7 am - 2:45 pm) Junior High 7th & 8th

Ms. Johnson (Office Hours: 7 am - 2:45 pm) Junior High 6th

Ms. Roberts (Office Hours: 7 am - 2:45 pm) Social Emotional Learning Specialist

Counselors will do their best respond to emails and voicemails within a 24 hour workday. If you or your student need support outside of the office hours please utilize the resources listed below.

We are here to support you! Your D'Evelyn counseling team members can be reached by email, Google Chats/Hangouts, or by completing a Google form (links provided above). Please reach out to us or connect with a therapist or other helping professional in the community whenever needs arise. This is an unprecedented time and we are experiencing stressors that are not typical for us.

It is always a good idea to ask for help when we need it.

If you or someone you care about is in crisis, please call Colorado Crisis Services at 1.844.493.8255 or call 911.

Counseling Events