Counseling Services

D'Evelyn Counseling Provides:

  • Social and Emotional Counseling
    • Crisis Counseling
    • Assistance with School Pressures
    • Assistance with Peer/Family Issues
    • Referrals to Local Community Resources
    • Strength Explorations and Celebrations of Success
    • Skill Building along with Resiliency and Coping Strategies
  • College and Career Planning
    • NAVIANCE "How To"
    • College Letters of Recommendation
    • Annual College Day
    • College Visits with Admissions Counselors
    • Career Explorations Series
    • Career Shadow Days
  • Academic Advisement and Consultation
    • Student Schedule Consultation and Planning
    • Advocacy in Resolving Academic Difficulties
    • School Wide Curriculum Planning and Support
    • Course Planning Selection Presentation
    • Advanced Placement Contracts
  • ICAP Instruction and Implementation
    • Grade Level Curriculum
    • 4 Year Plan
    • Career Exploration Surveys
    • College Search

Counseling Mission and Vision