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PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO MEETING 11/13/2018

Tuesday/Nov 13th / 6-7:30pm / Elysian Library



Discuss yearly events: Each event needs a coordinator

  1. Principal’s report - The electronic reader board has been approved by the city!

  2. Treasurer’s report - update on debits, credits, balance and outstanding bills presented

  3. Coupon book sales update - Monica.  Unable to attend.

    1. As of Nov. 1st we still had approx 40 books needing to be returned. The school gets half of what every book is sold for.  However, we have to pay for any unreturned books.

    2. Still need to pay for books and pizza party

    3. Discussed option of “Pre-sale” next year so we don’t have unreturned books. As well as the app that goes with book.

  4. Set up popcorn Friday’s - Jessica & Amanda

    1. Going well, idea to use 50 cent pieces along with or instead of presidential coins.

    2. Getting new bags that don’t tear as easily and have flat bottoms.

    3. Teachers now also have boxes to make for easier delivery.

  5. Set up movie nights - Kim Verbeck and Pam Arland

    1. Nov. 2nd - How did it go? Went well. Some things for next time:

      1. Make sure have movie several days before.  Had some difficulty setting up system.

      2. Poor timing for teacher d/t parent teacher conferences.  Check calendar for week around date.

      3. Next flier - include bringing blankets, end time of movie, must come in to pick up kids

      4. Volunteers to come in a separate door than main entrance

      5. Have Laurie set time for main door to unlock at 6 so no earlier

      6. Make center aisle with rope lights

      7. Popcorn refills to be at back do kids aren’t getting up and standing in front.

      8. No phones for kids during movie

    2. Anyone want to volunteer for Feb. 15th movie??

    3. Movie ideas - Cocoa, The Incredibles. We need more ideas!

    4. Thank you’d done for volunteers

  6. Winter Ski Trip - Scheduled for Feb. 1st. PTO pays for scholarships for those that can’t afford to go as well as for pizza party after.

  7. Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Lesson - Jaime

    1. Jan. 18th

    2. Working with instructors on number of people who can attend - approx 30

    3. Idea to have 2 classes.  First for K - 4th from 6-7pm then 5 - 8th from 7:30-8:30.

    4. Send fliers home on Jan. 7th.  Do a first come first serve with a waiting list.

    5. First student - $10, 2 kids/ family - $20, 3+ kids/family - $25

    6. E-Mail Heather to confirm for gym.

  8. Follow up from last meeting:

    1. Amanda’s idea - Pandora account set up. Teachers and students are loving it!

    2. LeeAnn Burley - any info on dye cut machine. Unable to attend meeting.

Round table

  1. Apple tree fundraiser - Amanda.  Do in spring with end to coincide with Spring Carnival. With proceeds discussion to buy and plant tree (Arbor day in April)

  2. Paige Williams brought up need/want for school. Would like a nice video camera. Can be used by all of school. She would like to record concerts to play back for kids so they can see how they did at concerts.  Able to use to for things like leadership videos, in tech, etc. Voted and approved. Not to exceed $500. Paige to talk with tech about needs and then look for deals and will get and PTO will reimburse or she will let PTO and they can go buy.

  3. Next meeting changed to day before due to middle school concert on regularly scheduled night.

NEXT MEETING: Dec. 10 th 2018 / 6-7:30pm / Elysian school / KIDS WELCOME

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