PowerSchool is a powerful tool for you to keep up on your child's grades, meal balances, schedules, current teachers, attendance and more. PowerSchool created a video just for parents & students...check it out below. 

There is a one time setup process to link your child(ren) to your single parent sign in for PowerSchool. PowerSchool has made it simple for parents to review all of their children's information in one spot and eliminating the need to remember a user name and password for each child (up to 7 children can be linked to one account). 

For the one time setup will need an Access ID and Password ID for each child. These codes will not be needed again.  The codes can be found on your child's schedule, the pink annual update form (fall paperwork), and/or via text message from the school. Be sure to opt in to our texts (see the Broadcast Messages tab above for details).

Click on the URL above and click on "create account". Follow the options on the screen and enter the child codes when prompted. Don't forget to enter the Access ID in all caps.  

If you are asked for a district code, use: XPLZ

Already have a parent account and need to add a child? Follow the directions below

PowerSchool for Parents & Students

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Nov 30, 2016, 12:48 PM
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