Bus Routes

Your designated bus number will be noted on your child's annual data update and on the class list at the open house before the first day of school.

Note - we do not assign the bus stop; please choose the stop closest to your home.

All times are approximate. Please allow for delays due to traffic, snowy/icy roads, weather, construction, etc. In cases of extreme cold weather use caution when sending your children to the bus stops too early. While we don't want them to miss the bus, we also do not want their well-being jeopardized by inclement weather. If two roads are listed, this denotes an intersection.

If we have your family assigned to the wrong bus number, please notify the office immediately.

There may be more than one bus service in your neighborhood. Our transportation services are provided by Sarpy and available for in district families.

Arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes early.

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