Current Prices:

Breakfast - $1.25

Lunch - $2.50

Adult Lunch - $3.50

If you would like to join us for lunch, please call
406-656-4101 ext 7 by 8:30 am regardless if you are eating hot lunch or not. Space/seating is the primary issue with guests.

K-2 Lunch approx 10:55 am

3-5 Lunch approx 11:25 am

6-8 Lunch approx 12:06 pm

Meal Accounts FAQ

Q: Do balances carry over into the next school year?

A: Yes, all money on the account stays until the student transfers from our school district. Any balance at the end of the year will be the starting balance for the upcoming fall.

Q: Can I pay for entire year in August?

A: Yes, take the daily rate times the number of school days, usually 179 days.

Q: Do you accept debit or credit cards?

A: Yes. We accept debit / credit cards via the PowerSchool parent portal. We cannot accept debit/credit cards at the school. Use your PowerSchool login to make payments at Note there is a small fee to offset the credit card processing charges.

Please note there are some known issues with Apple devices using the Revtrak portal. When using Apple/Safari to log in to the revtrak portal you may get an error stating your password or user name are unable to be authenticated.

IF YOU USE A COMPUTER/LAPTOP YOU CAN LOG IN SUCCESSFULLY. I have tested both PC/Chrome and PC/Internet Explorer with out issues.