Current Meal Prices

Student Breakfast - $1.50

Student Lunch - $2.75

Adult Salad Bar only - $2.00

Adult Breakfast & Lunch - $3.50


K-2 Lunch approx 10:55 am

3-5 Lunch approx 11:25 am

6-8 Lunch approx 12:00 pm 

Breakfast & Lunch Visitors

If you would like to join us for breakfast, you do not need to notify us in advance. 

Lunch time visits require notification prior to 8:30 a.m. the day you would like to attend. Please email with the following information:

Meal Accounts FAQ

Q: Do balances carry over into the next school year? 

A: Yes, all money on the account stays until the student transfers from our school district. Any balance at the end of the year will be the starting balance for the upcoming fall. 

Q: Can I pay for entire year in August? 

A: Yes, take the daily rate times the number of school days, usually 179 days. 

Q: Do you accept debit or credit cards? 

A: Yes. We accept debit / credit cards via the RevTrak. We cannot accept debit/credit cards at the school. Create a RevTrak login and then link your PowerSchool account to make payments at  

RevTrak charges a processing fee. 

Q: If I make a payment in cash or check, how long does it take to apply to my child's account? 

A: Typically 3-5 business days. If you do not see the deposit, contact us at

Q: If my child's account has a negative balance, will they be able to eat? 

A: Yes in most cases. If there is an extremely high negative balance we will be in touch with you for a resolution. 

RevTrak Troubleshooting

If you are having issues logging in to the PowerSchool portion of RevTrak, try loggining into PowerSchool in a browser using this url:

If you can log in successfully to the link above, there is nothing wrong with your PowerSchool account and the issue is with RevTrak. Clear your cache and cookies and try again on the site. If you still experience issues, try again later. RevTrak get notified of failures and troubleshoots on their end. The site usually returns to working order in a few hours.