27 September 2012

Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo have just made available the track that plays at the end of AN EVENT IN AUTUMN entitled 'Anna'. Go listen to (and even buy) it HERE.


Fan-power strikes again. Next step is the Wallander Soundtrack...

15 July 2012

Many thanks to Sonja van der Wijk who e-mailed me yesterday with details of a WEBSITE where you can listen to (but not download) some of the incidental music for the series composed by Martin Phipps. Scroll down the right hand side of the page to find the four tracks as follows:


MP15 - Evil

MP16 - Faceless

MP17 - Life

MP18 - EIA Realisation


The site is Cool Music Ltd, who are Martin's agents. By an amazing coincidence I had already e-mailed Christopher Gutch (Martin's agent at Cool Music) last week to ask about the possibilities of releasing the music in the future. Here is his reply:

Hi Ian,


Many thanks for getting in touch. As the copyright to the music is always held by the production company for TV score - in this case Left Bank - only they can make the music commercially available. We as Martin's agents only have permission to use the music for promotional purposes i.e. for Martin's show reel. That is the reason that our online reels are not available for download as this would infringe copyright.


I suggest that you contact Left Bank Pictures on this matter.


Regards, Chris.


So, people, we need to gently encourage Left Bank Pictures to consider releasing a soundtrack CD soon. The Swedish (Krister) version has a soundtrack CD for each of the two series so far, so why not Branagh's? I will start my efforts this week.

11 July 2012

As you must all know by now the 'new' theme song is an updated version of our old favourite 'Nostalgia' by Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo.


According to Emily's blog a new 'Wallander version' is now going to be released as the 'B' side of a 7" white vinyl single (look for the 'A' side - 'Fields of June' feat. Frank Turner), on August 13 and available as an mp3 .


Please visit her blog entry HERE for details.


All we need now is for Martin Phipps to release all the incidental music and we'll be very happy!

11 May 2012

Just confirmed that it will be EMILY BARKER AND THE RED CLAY HALO doing the new theme music. Hurrah!

10 May 2012

According to sources close to the Season 3 programme there will be a new theme tune. Whether this is an update of the original or something brand new remains to be seen (or heard).


1. The Opening Credits for 'The Fifth Woman'.

NOSTALGIA is the original song that was used for the Wallander theme, written by Emily Barker and performed with her band The Red Clay Halo.

2. The newer 'Wallander fields' video.

It originates from the acclaimed album Despite The Snow and was adapted for Wallander by Emily and composer Martin Phipps. The music they collectively produced for this TV drama has won both a BAFTA and a Royal Television Society award for best original theme. 

Download the single here or check out the album Despite The Snow. Thank you for supporting independent music!

3. CD cover for Nostalgia.

4. CD cover for Despite The Snow.


Tram wires cross Melbourne skies

Cut my red heart in two

My knuckles bleed down Johnston Street

On a door that shouldn’t be in front of me

Twelve thousand miles away from your smile

I'm twelve thousand miles away from me

Standing on the corner of Brunswick

Got the rain coming down and mascara on my cheek

Oh whisper me words in the shape of a bay

Shelter my love from the wind and the waves

Crow fly be my alibi

And return this fable on your wing

Take it far away to where gypsies play

Beneath metal stars by the bridge

Oh write me a beacon so I know the way

Guide my love through night and through day

Only the sunset knows my blind desire for the fleeting

Only the moon understands the beauty of love

When held by a hand like the aura of nostalgia


©2008 Everyone Sang

IMAGE/VIDEO SOURCE: Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo Website; YouTube

INFORMATION: Despite The Snow CD; Sonja van der Wijk; Christpher Gutch; Emily Barker