Back in 2013 I managed to contact Anders Lexne, the armourer for both the English-language and Swedish Wallander productions, and here is an abbreviated version of our e-mail communication:
  • BW: Can you please tell me what type of handgun is used by Kenneth Branagh? Is it a Sig Sauer P225 as used by some european police forces?
  • AL: The Swedish police use Sig-Sauer pistols P-225, P-228 and, in some cases, the P-226. The gun used by Kenneth Branagh in the Wallander series is a Sig-Sauer P-225. 
  • BW: Could you please tell me why the P-225 was chosen over the other models? 
  • AL: It was probably chosen because when the Swedish police were evaluating a sidearm to replace the Walther PP and they wanted a gun with same capacity (8 rounds). Later, the P-228 was given as an option since it is basically the same gun but with a higher capacity (15 rounds). It is likely that Wallander has a P-225 since he has no special interest in carrying a gun and most likely has no interest in a gun with a higher capacity. In fact I would believe that given the choice he would prefer not to carry a gun at all…… 
  • ISB: Many, many thanks, Anders. You have been very helpful.
1. Left side.
2. Right side.