This website is dedicated to the BBC's English-language television series about Henning Mankell's fictional Swedish detective Kurt Wallander starring Kenneth Branagh.

There are also pages relating to the other Wallander portrayals, including actors KRISTER HENRIKSSON and ROLF LASSGÅRD, as well as many other items of interest to Wallander fans.

Please visit the page listings in the sidebar to the left to discover more about the series episodes, the filming locations, and the people involved. Please bookmark the site and re-visit often as this is an ongoing project with news and information added as often as possible.

This website is a purely personal creation, designed to share my total enjoyment of the Wallander novels, all the film, television and theatrical adaptations, and to spread the word to others.

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I always credit sources where known.

To the best of my knowledge no residents of Ystad, or the region of Skåne, were hurt in the making of this website.

Thank you for your interest.

Ian S. Bolton

Welshampton, UK.


Locations are coded as follows:

[P] = Visited and photographed

[V] or [VI] = Identified and awaiting visit or internal visit to photograph

[C] = Awaiting confirmation of address/location

[U] = Address/location unknown


In order to preserve the privacy of those who live in properties used for filming I do not reveal their addresses. Instead the [PR] (Private Residence) code will appear on the relevant page.


Researching of the filming locations for the 12 Kenneth Branagh episodes will continue until complete, so you can still visit HERE to help identify unknown locations.

Locations are spread across Skåne (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Riga (Latvia) and Cape Town (South Africa), so if you live in or near any of those places please get in touch.


As this website is an ongoing project there may be some dead links (no pun intended) and blank/incomplete pages. Please bear with me whilst the research and update process continues.


Please note that this site is NOT affiliated to the BBC, Left Bank Pictures, Yellow Bird SE, TKBC or the estate of Henning Mankell, although I have the greatest admiration and respect for the production values resulting from their collaboration.

However, I have steadily built a network of contacts and friends within these organisations - as well as being assisted by some extremely helpful members of the public - in order to present the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

All gratitude to them; any mistakes are mine.

©2013 Ian S. Bolton

1. The 'Branagh's Wallander' desktop during a typical day's research.