Inglewood South

The length of the site is 500 metres and runs along the south side of Inglewood Fire Trail. In parts the gorse extended up to 20 metres into the bush.

Work started in November 2012 after completing the north side and the primary work finished in June 2018 after a total of 16 sessions were conducted. All the primary weeding has now been completed.

At the top there were patches of tall gorse with small sections of bush without much within them. Towards the middle more substantial thickets of gorse were encountered and continued down some distance before patches of small but concentrated plants were met, these were tedious and time consuming to clear. After a couple of gaps we reached the final extensive length with heavy infestations.

One of the problems on this side of the fire trail was being able to establish where the boundary with Cascade land commenced. It would be good to have this land added to the park.

Inglewood south site

Near the top of the site at the first day of work on 7 November 2012.

The gorse was in patches and mostly tall

A site after work has finished for the day with January 2014. Pockets of thick gorse between sections of bush with not a lot of the enemy there.

Cleared and the Gorse wall remaining Inglewood now well down the area and into denser territory. Septermber 2014

Party at work at Inglewood and now encountering small plants making for tedious work. 1 September 2015

Now down close to the end in tall bushes 7 March 2017

And finally the light at the end of the tunnel 5 June 2018 Photo from Chris Woods

Reports on the events over the years since 2012

Tuesday 4 November 2014

More gorse work at side of fire trail

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Work was continued on from Jan 2014 working bee by removing the Gorse along the edge of the fire trail.

One section had numerous smallish plants that took a long time to get through. Some other nearby spots had more substantial bushes that allowed a bit more work satisfaction.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

A section of thickish Gorse was cleared from the side of the Inglewood Fire Trail. All was in close proximity to the edge with very little more than 2-3 metres into the bush. At one spot there were copious small plants and not all were able to be cleared. These will be tackled when those that survive become larger.

The Hobart City Council provided morning tea and as the number of volunteers was down from average there was sufficient left to go with for lunch.