2014-2015 Enrichment Grants

Four Microscopes for Science Dept.

Submitted by Ms. Drake

Previously, AP Biology students faced issues finding a functional microscope during three of the ten College Board required labs for AP Bio (the lab focusing on mitosis, the lab focusing on plant stomata, and the lab focusing on yeast reproduction).

Equipment for Physics Demonstrations

Submitted by Mr. Jochmans

  1. Two sets of elastic carts to show conservation laws
  2. Newtonian Collision Ball Apparatus
  3. Maxwell wheel to demonstrate motion and energy transference

These purchases will allow students in physics classes to experiment, observe and theorize about the basics of conservation in three separate topics.

Microcontrollers for Tech Ed

Submitted by Mr. Weber

This project will utilize 16 existing BOEbot kits (owned by the Technology Education Department) and incorporate the power of the Arduino microcontroller to develop student skills in electronics, programming, and mechanics. The Arduino is the current microcontroller of choice among inventors, engineers, artists, and hobbyists. Since it is so widely popular, there exists a wealth of knowledge online.

Funding for ACCESS Program

Submitted by Ms. Mathena

ACCESS (Academic Commitment Creates Empowered, Successful Students) is an after-school program to assist students in meeting their academic goals. Funding will be used for organizational materials, incentives, and transportation support.

Funding for 9th Grade English Field Trip

Submitted by Ms. Berman

All 9th grade English students attend a live production of "Romeo and Juliet" to enrich their unit study of the classic play. The PTSA has provided a fund to cover the cost of attending for students in financial need. This is a completely private transaction handled by the school administration and funded by the PTSA.