Enrichment Grants Coordinator

Purpose: Facilitate the approval of grant requests from teachers at Towson High in order to utilize PTSA funds to acquire items needed for classroom instruction.

Active/busiest Time of Year: October – January

Estimated Total number of hours spent: 10 hours total

Current Volunteer: Janine Ptak

Current commitment: 2017-2018

Position will be open

If you would like to know more about this position, contact:

“This is a really great way to be involved in improving the teaching environment at Towson. It’s an easy job and the teachers really appreciate the financial support provided by the PTSA.” ---Gale

Key Responsibilities:

  • Publicize CEG program to teachers via email
  • Present grant requests to PTSA for voting/approval
  • Coordinate/facilitate purchase and payment of items
  • Publicize successful grant acquisitions
  • Communicate along the way....

Length of position: One school year

Can work be done on flexible time? Yes!

Skills needed: Ability to email, cut and paste, use a basic spreadsheet for tracking information