The treasurer keeps possession of the checkbook. They are responsible to balance the checkbook. They must keep records of all receipts and expenditures. They need to give a financial report at all general, executive committee and board meetings. They are responsible for filing all taxes in a timely manner. They must be sure that the auditor or auditing committee have all information needed for an annual audit. The treasurer chairs the budget committee and as such keeps an eye on whether the budget presented at the first meeting of the year needs adjusting.

Active/busiest Time of Year: Busiest at the beginning of school year however a few hours each month are required.

Estimated Total number of hours spent: Depending on time of year, spend anywhere from 2-6 hours monthly.

Length of position: Full year, less activity during summer other than outside audit.

Current Volunteer: Matt Simmons

Current commitment: 2017-2018

Incoming treasurer:

If you would like to know more about this position, contact:

Key Responsibilities:

Timely deposit PTA funds received

Pay checks for PTSA financial obligations as authorized

Recordkeeping of funds received/paid to appropriate committee

Present monthly budget report to Executive Committee

File annual Form 990 and quarterly Sales & Use Tax with Maryland State

Coordinate outside annual audit over summer

Skills needed: Basic understanding of financials and budgets; Excel; organizational skills