The secretary sends out communications for the PTSA. They take minutes at meetings. They are expected to keep an accurate list of membership and have a copy of the bylaws at meetings. The secretary's copy of any paperwork is the official copy.

Active/busiest Time of Year: Expected to attend the monthly PTSA meetings August (planning) to May.

Estimated Total number of hours spent: 9 meetings a school year: 1.5 hours (max) at meeting plus 1.5 hours to write and distributed Minutes. Total commitment: about 27 hours a school year.

Current Volunteer: Rosa Flickinger

Current commitment: 2017-2018

Incoming secretary:

If you would like to know more about this position, contact:

Key Responsibilities:

  • Take minutes at every PTSA meeting and publicize them
  • Keep copy of current bylaws for reference

Skills needed:

  • Be able to attend the evening PTSA meetings
  • Be a succinct writer and be able to use email