Teacher Appreciation Week Chair

Purpose: To celebrate and thank teachers and staff for one week (usually early May)

Active/busiest Time of Year: late April and early May

Estimated Total number of hours spent: About 20-25

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Position open:

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  • Key Responsibilities:

Find out budget and date of the week from PTSA and principal

Buy treats (candy bar, lottery tickets etc.) for the mailboxes and deliver for 4 mornings

The 5th day is the bagel breakfast - buy coffee cards and plants for raffle prizes

Create a flyer to entice teachers/staff to attend brunch

Coordinate with volunteer coordinator for food and coffee card donations from parents

Set up and serve brunch for teachers and staff members with help from volunteersLength of position: About 3-4 weeks to organize - Late April through early May

Skills needed: Organizational skills, creativity in treat ideas