The Philosophy Garden

philosophy for everyone

The Philosophy Garden is a virtual philosophy museum where reflection and discussion of important issues start from brief animated videos created by experts for everyone.

Watch our videos to meet the animals living in The Philosophy Garden.

Valley with river

The Valley

Will Fawn be safe on the way to the waterhole?

Snake, Wolf and Butterfly meet in the clearing to talk.

Garden with flowers and a fence

The Flower Garden

What will Caterpillar do after devouring all the food?

How will Ant and Grasshopper explain the mystery of the missing seeds?

dark forest with trees

The Forest

Who will discover what is harming the forest, Owl or Fox?

Hare and Tortoise are new to the forest: who will settle down first?

Want a guided tour? There are three itineraries for you.

In the Path to Conspiracies, garden animals arrive at explanations of unexpected and sometimes distressing events.

The animals living in the Valley of the Unheard realise that there are harmful consequences to dismissing the view of others.

In the Hills of Disagreement, animals deal with disagreement and learn to challenge each other's views respectfully.

And now you can explore the rest of the garden...

Young woman with sword


Time to train! Join us to test and practise your skills.

Girl surrounded by books

The visitor centre

Here you have access to many additional resources

Youth singing and dancing

What's on

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