Associate Professor

Director, Ubicomp Health and Wellness Lab

Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech

Dr. Arriaga is a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher in the School of Interactive Computing. She uses psychological concepts, theories and methods to address fundamental topics of Human Computer Interaction and Social Computing. Her current research interests are in the area of chronic care management and mental health. 

She designs mHealth systems that address gaps in chronic care and mental health management. The computational systems she designs:

  • foster engagement 
  • facilitate continuity of care by collecting relevant symptom & clinical data between scheduled healthcare visits
  • mediate communication between patient and healthcare provider
  • promote patient self-advocacy

She teaches undergraduate courses in the People and Intelligence Threads and graduate courses in HCI and Human Centered Computing (HCC). You can take her  Intro to User Experience Design GT-COURSERA COURSE for free (over 43K learners have completed the course, as of 6/2024).

As an administrator one of her foci is improving graduate students’ health and wellness by advocating self-care that is in unison with their academic goals and activities.