Powder keG! A Revolution card game

Powder Keg a Revolutionary War Card Game Presentation Fall18

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Card Version BH (SIMPLIFIED) updated 12/31/18 Cards with Green lines are under consideration for cutting for simplified game play.


A Historical Trading Card Game (TCG)

Name: Powder Keg: A Revolutionary War Game

AUDIENCE: Middle School Students

Revolution Card Game Collaboration

  • A game whose mechanics are loosely based on the Pokemon battle game.
  • Museum School Students would research and write creative character descriptions for each of the cards this will be integrated into the Curriculum.
  • 3 History Professors from GVSU and Calvin will fact check the history content and are involved in the content creation.
  • KCAD students will Illustrate the Cards.
  • KCAD students would create mock-ups and test/develop the game play.
  • OST will help develop the gameplay.

Collaboration Between Museum School and KCAD Students

60 Musees & 8-12 D.A.D. students

Revolution Card Game: Museum School Students will research and write creative character descriptions for a History Card Game about the American Revolution in collaboration with History Professors from GVSU and Calvin and D.A.D. students from KCAD who will create the prototype for the game.

Museum School would engage about 60 students for 12-15 weeks (7th grade). KCAD would need to create a design brief, present project, ideate with MS students, assess MS students research and designs and vice-versa.

Example Past Collaborative Project: Amplify: Journey To Mars

Example Past Game: Miner Madness - Dig into Code Theory

Updated 12/10/18

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