Roid-Raged Trump grabs daughter, challenges supreme court to a fight

The gorilla-human hybrid, aka Trump on steroids, has given new meaning to the cliché roid rage. Beset by fading popularity, Covid 19, and an epidemic of his own making, the Trump-thing was seen approaching the empire state building, carrying his daughter in one hand.

During heated discussions with his cabinet this morning, Trump was reported to have ripped the arms off several cabinet members. The Secretary for the Interior, loyal as always, remarked: “I’m so glad to be free of that arm, two is just one too many, and no one can doubt the health of the president now.” before passing out. from blood loss.

The Secretary came out well in comparison to the Vice President, who was torn in half after suggesting the Trump thing rest for a while.

The Trump itself bellowed “Look at me, King of the world, nothing can stop me now!!.” Before plummeting from the building.