Illuminati, Jewish bankers excluded from conspiracy theories-feel neglected

Speaking from a Nazi science powered, anti-gravity device, a spokeslumen mourned: “We were at the centre of so many conspiracies- we were running the world- politicians mere puppets to us, we controlled everything, in league with aliens. Those were glory days. Now it’s Bill Gates implanting chips in vaccines- Pah!, where’s the grandeur in that, the imagination??

A similarly downcast Jewish banker remarked: “We controlled the economy, started wars and were even behind Nazism, for some reason. And let’s not forget communism- all our idea. Now the sanity challenged think Democrats eat babies, made Covid 19, and push paedophilia. We were a lot more inspiring than that. What about our new world order??”

A bearded, tattooed, AR-15 rifle toting, QAnon devotee remarked. “Don’t worry guys, when Trump is gone, we’ll bring you back, but let’s face it, you’re too 20th Century.”