Trump is a Virus

After Trump unveiled his “Kiss a stranger for good luck” initiative, and “Pneumonia: it’s just like a sneeze!” campaign, virologists became suspicious.

Examinations revealed the cavity atop his skull- previously filled with “The best ideas in world history.” was now a virus colony directing Trump’s every move.

A spokesnarcissist for the Whitehouse remarked: “How else could you explain Trump’s every statement? They were all designed to make it easier for the virus to spread. The virus colony is particularly looking forward to “Packed voting booths in November”! Without Trump that would have been a viral dream. At the peak of the epidemic! Such a fantastic way to expand the hosts."

A Spokes-RNA from the presidential virus colony said- “Let's get America back to work, to make America contagious…er.…great again!"

Americans seem to like what the virus is telling them, as Trump's ratings are soaring.