Art in the Park Group

Our new monthly Art in the Park group is led by local artist Katy Fattuhi.

The sessions are free, but you do need to book a place:

When you have booked we will let you know where we are meeting and can inform you of any last minute changes due to the weather.

Bring your own materials - you may want to draw or paint, or you may like to do some photography or sewing - whatever you fancy! Please bring what you think you will need. (Some basic materials can be provided - please enquire about this when booking if required).

Bring something to sit on - a fold up chair or a mat. If you would like to book a place or find out more please email

Each month we will meet in a different part of the park and notice what is happening in nature at that time of year.

Katy runs an art group for children in the garden at Campsbourne School and also ran a small neighbours art group for adults in the park through the Palace View Mutual Aid group in the Autumn. She is passionate about providing opportunities for people to be creative in a no pressure way and to engage with nature, for all the benefits these bring.

Previous sessions.....

Art in the Park - July

Nine of us, a mix of regulars and new members, enjoyed a peaceful, sunny morning drawing in the south-eastern corner of the South Slope. We seemed to have the whole vista to ourselves. Some participants homed in on the dry, grassy areas and details of leaves and flowers from the wilder patch we were sitting next to. Others looked up the hill at the elegant cluster of trees framed within a striking view of the palace itself. We discussed the exhibition we may put on now that we have reached session 12 – a whole year of Art in the Park.

Art in the Park - May

We had one of those days when we didn’t know if it was about to rain or the sun was about burst out from behind the clouds. In the end, it stayed overcast for the 10 of us in the Anthill Meadow, which meant that, disappointingly, the butterflies stayed away. However, there was so much to see in the detail of the tangle of long grasses that this kept our artists’ eyes busy. We found that when we sat down, the wildflowers and grasses came to eye level, so a whole world of interest opened up. We thoroughly enjoyed all the beauty on offer and also realised that we needed to brush up a bit on our wildflower names!

Art in the Park - March

What a wonderful spring morning!

It's been beautifully captured in Tricia's photo

Lovely to have 5 new members join us too.

Art in the Park - February

This month’s meet up had to be put back a day due to torrential rain and hail forecast for our meet-up time! However, all was serene and sparkling up at the Boating Lake the following day. We were a smaller group of five due to the change of day, but we made the most of the sunny spot to enjoy each other’s relaxed company and attempt to capture the effects of rippling water and the forms of rather uncooperative water birds, who just didn’t seem to want to stay near us for longer than 10 seconds. We must remember food another time! New members are very welcome – please email if you would like to join the group.

Art in the Park - January

A great turnout of 8 people for this cool time of the year.....

Art in the Park Group - December

Another enjoyable session - picture left is one of Patricia Pearl photos of a veteran oak tree. More of her photos here.


We had a lovely session this month. The light in the woods was fabulous – we really couldn’t have asked for better weather! I think all seven of us were slightly overwhelmed by the beauty at every level – from the leaf fall on the ground to the yellowing tree canopies – so it took us a while to choose what to focus on in our art work. But we all thoroughly enjoyed that part of the process: the opportunity to engage with the woodland on such a beautiful autumn day, to slow down, enjoy the sights and sounds around us, and the company of others.


The weather was perfect despite a very unpromising build up with wind and torrential rain only hours before. The cold was fine actually but does encourage you to move around and find other stuff to look at which is what its all about really too!

Picture on the left one of Patricia Pearl's taken during the session.


There were eight of us this time, including a talented budding artist of 11 years of age! The weather was very kind to us – a glorious end of summer/cusp of autumn morning with strong golden light. The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone in the group slowly eased into finding something that caught their interest, whether a fascinating cluster of tree trunks or an early sign of autumn in the form of a fallen leaf, and then delved into some drawing (or in one case photography - picture example left by Tricia). We tried out each other’s materials too, which loosened things up and was a good way to try something a bit different. We ended by gathering our work on the grass to admire the variety of what people had noticed, carefully looked at and enjoyed. After the session there was some lovely feedback: ‘Such a good combination of art, nature and fresh air’; ‘I am still smiling!’


Sprinkles of rain early on tried to put a dampener on the first session of the new Art in the Park Group. A decision was made to transfer to the Park Visitor Centre in The Grove. Good news followed with the rain stopping so the artists moved out by the pair of yew trees in the small copse above Olympic Sculptures. The ridges of the trees proved inspirational for most of the group while a collage of leaves was also a subject to spark imagination.

A great start to this monthly group session kindly led by Katy Fatui.