November 2010

Mark Evison, the Park Manager, has passed on information about the tree work which is taking place in the Park this month (November 2010). It is a programme of work identified from the systematic inspection of trees which are identified as representing a significant risk to the public because of damage and disease, together with their position eg next to paths.

In summary the plans are to fell 5 trees, reduce a further 5 to a 4m or 5m monolith, remove dead limbs from 3, and clear undergrowth in order to further inspect 2. The trees being felled or reduced to monoliths are limes, horse chestnuts, poplars, sycamore, ash and a cedar (already dead). This scale of work is required because a back-log has built up. Once the back-log has been cleared it is to be hoped that the amount of felling each year is small.

We, the Friends of Alexandra Park, are discussing with the Park Manager the development of a plan for tree planting. This will mean that as opportunities arise, we can replace and enhance the marvellous variety of trees in the Park in a well thought out way. If you are interested in planning the planting of new trees, or have requests or suggestions please email us.