Alexandra Park is a delightful mixture of informal woodland, open grassland, formal gardens and attractions such as the boating lake, cafés and the pitch-and-putt course. It covers 196 acres around Alexandra Palace in North London.

The Friends of Alexandra Park is a voluntary group that promotes the use of the Park, encourages the conservation of its wildlife and protects the Park from unwanted development.

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Our normal activities include:

  • Opening the Park Visitor Centre, where you can find leaflets, chat to volunteers and find activities for children.

For an impressive 15th time, Alexandra Park has been awarded a Green Flag Award. We are also proud recipients of a Green Heritage Award. Congratulations are due to all employees, contractors and volunteers who helped make this possible.

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Members Walk: Plant Galls

Sunday 16th October from 11:00am to Noon

Another chance for a walk to look at the intriguing world of plant galls. These are the strange structures caused by wasps, mites, flies and even fungi.

You have probably heard of oak apples - well that's one gall that we won't see as it found on oak trees in the Spring. However there will be plenty more including these currant galls on the back of an oak leaf (picture).

Art in the Park Group

Thursday 20th October from 10:00am to 11:30am

An opportunity for park lovers to join others in a relaxed and friendly group, to enjoy time spent outdoors, observing nature through drawing, painting or photography. Bring something to sit on and your own materials (though some basics are provided).

The group is free and open to all, whatever your level. Watch out for an email with all the details to book in advance. If you’d like to find out more, please email

The picture is flashback ten years to Art on a Box where there were painting shipping containers in the Fairground Car Park. More of those pictures here.

Conservation Work Party

Thursday 27th October from 10:00am to 12:30pm

The picture is a throwback to ten and a half years ago with volunteers working in what we called at the time the Butterfly Meadow.

It will probably be back to cutting the brambles and removing any saplings that have had the audacity to grow in our meadow. Bring gloves if you have them, though we have spares to lend. No special skills needed.

Meet in the Anthill Meadow and bring your own refreshments.

Autumn Tree Walk

Sunday 30th October from 2pm to 3:30pm

Time for a seasonal look at the trees in the our park. Some beautiful Autumn colours will hopefully be on display. Seeds, fruit...

We will start our walk at the entrance by the Farmers' Market by Safestore near the junction of Priory Road, Park Road and Muswell Hill with Alexandra Palace Way.


Work Parties in the Anthill Meadow

On Thursday 1st September nine of us started cutting the grass to the west end of the anthill meadow and made good progress, working in a line from the path. Last Tuesday, 13th September, ten of us continued working from the edge of the previous cut, working westward, and in total we have now cut about ⅔ of the meadow, and it is looking really good. It’s the 6th year that we have been cutting the grass at the west end of the meadow. The hoped for increase in the variety of wild flowers has not happened so we will probably have to give them a helping hand by introducing appropriate seeds. I will seek advice from the London Natural History Society (LNHS). I will also buy more yellow rattle seed to broadcast in November, again.

Fred Fitzke came along to the last session with his scythe (an example of which was in the Mail Chimp Gordon sent) and gave us a demonstration on how to use it. It does require skill to get a fluid, swing motion going to be effective, fascinating to watch. Fred was able to reduce the height of the grass, probably making it easier to get underneath the thatch of grass at ground level, we’ll see on Tuesday.

Jane Hutchinson

Rick Hayter and Friends in The Grove

We were lucky to have another new group in The Grove..... Rick Hayter (right of photo) sang with Denis (bass guitar) and Jake (on percussion).

Gentle mostly folk style music with songs about Muswell Hill and Richmond-upon-Thames amoung others. An idea of their music.

More pictures from the entertaining set here.

Swing Busters in The Grove

Great music and even audience participation for this very entertaining session of jazz under the trees in The Grove. A little extract of one of their songs.

Tony Engle on the saxophone and Steve Benaim on the guitar were highly engaging and we hope to welcome them back next year.

More pictures from the performance can be found here.

Members' August Nature Walk

We met up at the BBC Tower and Sue pointed out a peregrine on the mast. We admired the clearly visible view of St. Pauls before walking down through the rose garden noticing the low level of the pond.

Some horse-chestnuts and relatives were inspected for leaf-miner damage and the large crop of acorns was noted (a very poor year last year).

Next stop was the weeping ash tree with its shaggy bracket fungus and yellow coloured spider's webs (picture). The falling spores had coloured the webs.

Walking into the Blandford Hall area, we noted the regeneration of the woodland since the 1971 Blandford Hall fire. We spotted a yucca plant deep in the shade and a silver-leaved lime turning its leaves upside down to reflect the heat.

We spotted signs of the zigzag sawfly and heard the sparrowhawks flying overhead before exiting close to the Bedford Road entrance.

Rob Thom Band in The Grove

A welcome first visit from the Rob Thom Band to entertain us folk style music. Most the music was written members of the band, but there was a Simon and Garfunkel cover.

Major question posed by the band was "What should the band be called?". The members of the band are Jo Giggs, Tom Poslett and Rob Thom. Several ideas came from the audience who were mostly crowded into the smaller areas of shade close to the band. Email us and we will pass on any ideas. An extract from one of the band's songs "Miss Kitty".

Although The Grove was closed, we had the well received attendance of an ice cream van.

More pictures from the afternoon.

Family Bug Hunt

Nice warm weather for Family Bug Hunt this year. Great to see lots of kids outside with nets waving......

Several butterflies where caught including Meadow Browns and a Common Blue. True bugs (insects with sucking mouthparts) also featured well with a couple of Sloe Bugs and a Leather Bug.

Roesel's Bush Crickets and Meadow Grasshopper were other insects found. Crickets have antenae longer than their bodies and grasshoppers antennae shorter than their bodies.

Sixteen spot and harlequin ladybirds were seen as well some small flies.

The biggest numbers found were spiders of all sizes with a crab spider where had been eating a honey bee and the star of the day, a Wasp Spider (pictured left).

All the insects were released back into the wild as close as possible to where they were found.

Link to a list of species seen on the day.

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