May, 2012

A temporary BMX track was built on the South Slope of the Park. No excavation was involved and the track was due to be removed by the end of May.

For a detailed statement regarding this event, from the Friends of Alexandra Park, please see BMX event in the park.

June, 2012

The Park Manager, Mark Evison is aware of our concerns regarding the effects of the BMX cycle event.

The details of the reinstatement programme have been finalised and work was due to start before the end of June.

The remaining spilled gravel will be collected, the ruts and uneven areas will be levelled with topsoil and the area will be reseeded with appropriate acid-loving plant species. It has taken longer than anticipated to get this project started, but Mark hopes we will soon have the park looking at its best.

August, 2012

The pile of gravel in the Fairground carpark has now been removed. The reseeded grass is beginning to grow.

September, 2012

After the experience of this event, and taking into consideration the views of public, we are able to report that it is unlikely that this BMX event will be repeated.