The new Gas Main work started in October 2015. The new gas pipe now runs from the Bedford Road entrance up to the east end of the Palace. The pipe was routed alongside the lower road initially, then diagonally up the slope below the pitch and putt course, across the course and across the road at the top of the hill. See the map here.

This route was chosen after various alternatives were investigated, including a connection from the streets to the north of the Palace. Unfortunately the gas mains on these streets are not big enough to supply the Palace. An important criteria was to avoid having to dig the trench for the pipe next to mature trees, and therefore damaging the roots. This ruled out a route up the pavement alongside the road. The main has now been buried below the Pitch and Putt course.

Most of the work was completed by April 2016, and traces of the work will fade over the summer.

Some more pictures of the work.