Chinese Online Learning


The learning material and activities are designed for students' weekly learning. For each week, students should allocate 30-60 minutes of time to complete the listed activities. The website will be updated constantly while new lessons are being created over time. The curriculum follows the sequence adopted by most of our partnership schools in the program.

  • Younger grade students might need some help from parents when they navigate through each lesson.

  • For students without Internet, hardcopy learning material will be provided through school before Term 2.

Please contact your Chinese teacher via email for help if there is any question.

If you have any question regarding the online lesson, please do not hesitate to contact your Chinese teacher.

You can write to them via this contact us page.

Programs for students enrolled in a Bendigo primary schools.

Please be noted that Lesson 6-10 pages are not available yet and learning activities will be added gradually.

Programs for primary students outside of Bendigo via Virtual Learning Model (VL Model schools)

Reminder: Find which group you are in before clicking the animals.

Cardross PS Grade 5-6 will follow lesson on Bendigo school's Grade 5&6 page