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West Burton Lane

Road Works and Road Closure

West Sussex County Council have advised that works to repair a collapsed culvert commence on Monday 18 Feb 2019 - 22 Feb 2019

Road Closure 24 hour. The alternative route for traffic will be signed via West Burton Lane, Waters Lane, Bury Road, West Burton Lane and vice versa. Emergency vehicle, Residential and Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

Contact: West Sussex Highways 01243 642105. For more information click on the PDF below.

West Burton Lane.pdf

Changes to Bury Post Office service

The new service will operate from inside the old Post Office in the Village Hall and commence on Friday 1 March 2019 at 13:15. The current Mobile Outreach Post Office service will cease on Thursday 28 February 2019 at 12:00.

For further information and to let the Post Office have your views, please visit the Consultation Hub via the link below:

Consultation Hub - Bury Mobile Service RH20 1PA


Update from the Parish Council

The next meeting of Bury Parish Council will be held at 6.30 pm on Monday 18th March 2019 at Bury Village Hall.

Currently, the Council is considering the Budget for 2019 – 20. The Council tries to avoid increasing the Precept if possible. The Council needs to predict the expenditure for the following year, and make sure that essentials are covered. If there is surplus money, that is used on ‘special projects’. Last year, the Children’s Playground was considered a priority and the year before, the Council managed to renovate the Pill Pond in West Burton so that there is now a pond which had disappeared. It is now a beautiful area on the Literary Trail enjoyed by walkers and dog walkers.

This year we are planning further renovations in the Village Hall and possibly a car park and better entrance for the Cricket Ground. These are still being discussed.

Planning issues are dealt with throughout the year and a subcommittee discusses the applications as the Parish Council Comment is needed within a short time frame. The comment is agreed with all members of the Council before being submitted.

Village Maintenance is clearly less during the winter when growth is minimal, but there are still problems maintaining the safety of the footpaths and bridleways.

Winter Maintenance for road gritting (other than the A29 which is the responsibility of Highways) is the responsibility of the Parish Council. Of course, it is difficult to judge how bad the weather is going to be. We have no idea when the ‘Beast’ will arrive nor how long it will stay.

This year is election year for the Parish Council on 2nd May. We would urge people to join the Parish Council. We have struggled with being non-quorate on occasions, and only have five Councillors at present but should have nine. Our current Chairman is standing down after 10 years as a Councillor.

The Parish Council is there to represent all Parishioners. The Council should have diverse Members from various parts of the Parish with opinions from different perspectives, in order to properly debate and decide on issues. Clearly the more Councillors there are, the less the workload will be for everyone. Please consider joining the Council and perhaps come along to the meetings before the May election to see what goes on. We aim to make the workings of the Parish Council open to all.

Bury Village Hall

The Village Hall is one of the key facilities in our village and is well loved by many of us. Improvements are planned throughout the hall in 2019, including the much overdue repairs to the car park and a full and thorough check of all essentials in the Hall. The Council has aspirations to refurbish the toilet facilities as a priority, followed by an ongoing programme to repair and renew and ensure that the Village Hall remains a wonderful place to visit and hire.

The Council also is keen to keep the hall available for Parish users as a priority, but we do have regular space available during weekday hours and so we are actively seeking further hirers for these periods If you're interested do contact the Village Hall Manager.

Finally, in 2019 we will be consulting widely and undertaking a feasibility study on whether the Parish would like a coffee shop created in the old Post Office area of the hall. We would more than welcome any volunteers who want to get involved in this work and everyone is welcome! If you'd like to help with the background research please let the Parish Clerk know and we'll be in touch.


There are FOUR vacancies open for Parish Councillors.

Please contact the Parish Councillors via The Clerk: clerk@buryparishcouncil.org.uk or write to:

Bury Parish Council, Bury Village Hall, The Street, Bury RH20 1PA

The mobile Post Office Van will be in Bury outside the Village Hall between 11.00 - 12.00 on Mondays and Thursdays.

A new service will operate from inside the old Post Office in the Village Hall and commence on Friday 1 March 2019 at 13:15. The current Mobile Outreach Post Office service will cease on Thursday 28 February 2019 at 12:00.

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library Service provided by West Sussex County Council visits Bury twice a month (excluding Bank Holidays) between 10.00 and 10.20 am.

It is located near The Squire & Horse.

The remaining schedule is:

Tuesday 5 February

Tuesday 19 February

Tuesday 5 March

Tuesday 19 March

Nextdoor is an online service that enables communities to communicate among neighbours and build stronger neighbourhoods. A local group was established for Bury. Click on the link below to join.

On Nextdoor, members can:

  • Share local recommendations (plumbers, electricians, babysitters, etc.)
  • Sell or give away household items.
  • Publicise local events.
  • Exchange information about crime and safety issues.
  • Find neighbours in the directory.
  • View a neighbourhood map.
  • Ask for advice.