Faculty of Computer Science of TU Dresden

BTW23 is located on Campus of Technische Universität Dresden, within the building of the Faculty of Computer Science (APB - Andreas-Pfitzmann-Bau) and in Schönfeld-Hörsaal (SCHÖ) in the Barkhausen building. Both venues are a 5 minute tram ride from Dresden main train station (tram No.3), and a 15 minute tram ride from the old town (tram No.3). Parking space on Campus is very limited, therefore it is recommended to use public transport.

↗ Andreas-Pfitzmann-Bau (APB) - Faculty of Computer Science

↗ Schönfeld-Auditorium (SCHÖ)
Maschinenbau, CC BY-SA 4.0  <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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Floor Plan