Conference Dinner

Thursday, 9 March, 2023: Conference Dinner

Place: Hygienemuseum Dresden

Schedule: from 18:15 on Reception, Gallery 1st Floor

19:00  Welcome address by Dr. Andreas Handschuh, Staatssekretär Sächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Kultur und Tourismus

and Welcome address by Stefan Bäuerle, Senior Vice President, Head of Database, SAP HANA Database & Analytics at SAP

19:10 Start of Dinner, Foyer Ground Floor

Please note: Access to the reception and conference dinner is only possible by presenting the dinner ticket which is handed over to you during your registration in Dresden. 

Access to gallery on 1st floor via elevator that is situated at the rear of the entrance hall. 

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The creation of the ↗ Deutsches Hygiene-Museum (1912) harks back to the efforts of the Dresden industrialist Karl August Lingner, the manufacturer of the mouthwash Odol. In 1911 LIngner had been among the protagonists of the First International Hygiene Exhibition, for which more than five million visitors had come to Dresden. This exhibition combined state-of-the art technologies and unprecedented lifelike displays and models to impart knowledge about human anatomy and address issues of proactive healthcare and diet. 

For the Second International Hygiene Exhibition in 1930, the museum moved into the building designed by Wilhelm Kreis, a facility that has been the seat of the museum ever since. The exhibition’s biggest attraction was the Transparent Man who has meanwhile become the symbol of DHMD and has remained one of its most prominent exhibits. After 1991 the DHMD was completely reconceived as a Museum of The Human Experience. The communication of research in the natural sciences as well as the humanities and the task of cultural education have traditionally been the corner stones of the DHMD. Here you’ll find the permanent exhibition "Human Adventure" and also temporary exhibitions, showcasing exciting issues relating to culture and society, science and art. 

Permanent exhibition: "The human adventure"
Special exhibition: “Genetics. An Exhibition about who we are and might become”

How to get there: Just a 15 minutes walk from the Frauenkirche in the city center!

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum
Lingnerplatz 1, 01069 Dresden

Lines 10, 13: stop "Georg-Arnhold-Bad"
Lines 1, 2, 4, 12: stop "Deutsches Hygiene-Museum"

There is a cloakroom on 1st floor.

Please refrain from smoking in all areas of Hygienemuseum. There are designated areas for smokers in front of the main entrance and in the inner courtyard.

Free Wifi:  DHMD-Guest (no password required)