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You Are the Sum of All Your Memories and Experiences. Time and Space Are an Illusion.

The Past, Present and Future Are All Happening Now.

The memories and experiences of your ancestors are stored within your tissues, cell and subconscious.

Past Life Regression can help you release the past and provide you with clarity and healing, so that your future is full of bliss.

Regression work is a powerful way to create transformation and gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in your life.

Time ceases to exist when you are using your subconscious mind. Any lifetime or experience is available for you to heal and understand.

Most of my clients experience at least one regression with me. Even clients who do not believe in past lives have had sessions that have taken them into other lifetimes and even to other planets. Those clients are given a gift of deeper self-awareness and compassion.

A greater understanding of life flows in when you are able to release the limits of time and space.

Past Life Regressions are not to be done for fun or to see who you might have been in another lifetime.

A Hypnotherapist that practices Past Life Regressions should be mindful of where and what the regression will uncover.

Each regression will be different and the client should be prepared to leave the session with an entirely new way of thinking and being. That process alone can be overwhelming.

It is important for the client to be prepped and guided ethically.

I require my clients to have already experienced a general hypnosis session with either myself or another experienced hypnotherapist before I will do a Past Life Regression on them.

This is to insure their safety AND provide a platform for them to have a successful regression.

A general hypnosis session is like practicing for a marathon. It is very important. If you find a practitioner who is willing to skip that step, I would be wary.

Knock And The Door Will Open

A regression is like walking through a doorway in time.

When you walk through the subconscious doorway, you can access the past, parallel realities, other dimensions, the Akashic Records, your future, ancestral memories, Higher Realms, your Higher Self/Shadow Self and more!

Once you access the memory needed, you can heal the experience and reset your body, mind and spirit.

This healing will ripple through 7 generations; both past and future. You will set your ancestors free and heal future generations.

Past Life Regressions can be done for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems. I have found this modality to be limitless.