Working with a Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner will shift your life from blocked to blissful. Finding the perfect practitioner can be overwhelming when you are not your best self and feel lost in the world.

Below are some of the questions I know I had when I was searching for a practitioner to work with. In fact, I did not even know holistic health existed before I Googled "how to heal naturally from mental illness".

Read below to see if I am the right practitioner for you. If you feel I am, schedule a complimentary Discovery Call today. I would love to partner with you on your journey to bliss. If we aren't a good fit, I will give recommendations for other practitioners who might be able to support you.

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What is the benefit of working with a Holistic practitioner?

I have lost count of the benefits of working one-on-one with a practitioner and coach. The word practitioner defines someone who practices several forms of healing and uses many different methods to guide their clients towards their goals.

Working with a practitioner or healer in private sessions will provide you with a unique and individualized experience. When you find the right practitioner, you can achieve maximum results in a short amount of time.

When two people come together for the purpose of healing and transformation, a sacred space is created for miracles. Many people need a witness to achieve full healing and transformation.

Client Experience

The healing and shift that occurred through your energy last night was truly amazing. I felt so awake consciously, but at the same time so very relaxed and slept so peacefully in the arms of my angels.

My dreams were so vivid and just left me with a sense of there is so much more to come in terms of lightwork. I could hear your voice, more like the tone and cadence of your voice guiding me as I fell asleep. So here is the big news.... I physically have IMPROVEMENTS in my left leg this morning!!!!

Usually EVERY morning I wake up to spasms and my left ankle drawn up in a cramp and it is difficult to get it stretched out so I can transfer into my chair from bed, the process is usually frustrating and painful. NOT TODAY! It's amazing.

I woke up and immediately noticed the difference, my ankle was behaving just how God created it. I literally cried because I recognized that when you put your healing hands on my legs last night and called in the angels I had faith that some form of healing was taking place and I can't begin to express how thankful I am for your help!!! So go today knowing that you are appreciated and loved!

Erica Phoenix, AZ

What Happens in personal sessions?

Sessions vary depending on your goals and challenges. Each session is 90 minutes in length. I have created a signature experience that combines life coaching, subconscious work, nutrition, polarity therapy, nature, the spiritual realm and education. I also use my own intuitive gifts to guide me through your sessions.

This signature experience creates a safe space for the you to break free of subconscious blocks, beliefs and behaviors.

Your program will be specific to your needs and goals. Once your program is complete, we will evaluate your progress and decide your next step.

Some of my clients will continue with their sessions on a maintenance schedule. This allows them to stay balanced and on their path to bliss.

Other clients will work with other practitioners who have different skills, and many of my clients become practitioners or healers themselves.

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Client Experience

The only word to describe Natalie is AWESOME!!!

Before I had a session with her, I was in such a dark place and was on the verge of giving up. I felt there was no light in the dark box I was in. After my first session with Natalie, I felt a ton of bricks off my shoulders and a window of light shine in.

She has helped me break down barriers that were stopping me from enjoying life. I will always appreciate her for all her help. THANK YOU NATALIE!!!!!

Anna, Phoenix, AZ

Tell Me More About the Education I Will Receive?

Great question! I love to teach! I am an instructor at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts or SWIHA. This is the school I attended to receive my degree and certifications.

By combining subconscious work with powerful self-healing techniques, you will be able to continue your healing process after we are finished with your program.

Each session will leave you feeling empowered as you learn new ways to heal yourself and create a life of bliss.

The education you receive will vary depending on your goals, challenges and learning style. I will go over that with you in detail on your Discovery Call.

Feedback from Students

Before your workshop, I didn't want to leave my house. I now have a federal grant and have started taking classes.

J.B., Mesa

Natalie makes the class so fun and lighthearted, along with making the class so informative...not just for weight loss, but informative to live a healthier lifestyle. You leave with tools to live a stress free, happy, healthy life.

Y. B., Mesa, AZ

Great practical information on what karmic debt is and the regression session brought it together very nicely. I now know what to continue to do to help myself break free from these patterns. Thank you!

J.J., Phoenix, AZ

I thoroughly enjoyed the group regression. I felt safe in expressing my experience.

A.B., Casa Grande

How many sessions will I need?

Each person is unique and heals in different ways. I offer a variety of options and know a lot of amazing practitioners and programs. If I can't help you, I will recommend practitioners and classes that fit your goals.

On our Discovery Call, I will go over my recommendations and help you find the best fit for your goals.

Sessions can be done in person, or via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Spots are limited depending on my schedule and the location you choose.

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Client Experience

I have had two hypnotherapy sessions w/Natalie. For anyone who is leery of hypnotherapy, it is NOT what they demonstrate in T.V. or movies! It is not scary, or weird, rather it's really such an amazing process!

In our sessions, Natalie helped me uncover some personality issues that were keeping me from being happy and feeling safe and complete as an individual.

It's been a kind of spiritual experience for me. The therapy didn't end with the session either. Every day, I seem to feel better and if I'm going through a healing process. I feel more grounded than I have in years and I know she has put me on the right path.

Anyone who has been around Natalie knows about her amazing energy. She is a special person, but am still floored by her transformation and growth! She was a perfect candidate to learn these healing arts and I am truly grateful for it.

K.M. Chandler, AZ

I look forward to our Discovery Call! If you are not ready for personal sessions, feel free to follow me on social media and learn ways to find balance and bliss every day!

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