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Have you been struggling with mood issues, chronic pain, addictions and behaviors that do not resonate with the core of who you truly are?

Have you tried healing these issues but are unable to fully break free? Do your symptoms seem to come and go?

If so, you may have spirits or energies attached to your body and mind that need to be released into the Light.

Most people will think of the Light as Heaven or God’s Grace.

Spirit Attachments or possessions may seem like a strange, rare occurrence, but I average at least 2 or 3 spirit releasements a week.

These attachments might be deceased humans, dark energies/demonic forces, or old traumas that have manifested into a physical form, which are pulling on your body and affecting your mind.

I unknowingly struggled for years with attachments. My nephew Porter's birth brought love into my life. Love can create a space for healing to occur and attachments to release.

When I learned about the concept of attachments I was attending The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA).

I was able to release my attachments using this modality and have also found Polarity Therapy and some other forms of energy work are great tools for releasement work.

Releasing my attachments allowed for most of my depression, chronic pain, suicidal ideations and self--hate to disappear almost instantly.

The rest had to be healed through diet and lifestyle change. This work is truly miraculous.

When a client releases the attachment or attachments, they get to experience this powerful transformation for themselves .

I have had clients who have healed illnesses such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, frozen shoulder, migraines, chronic pain, knee pain, and back pain.

I have one client who was averaging over 20 seizures a day. She has even been a part of “Make a Wish” Foundation and had been medically induced into comas 4 times.

Her seizures were due to her extreme gift of mediumship and some food sensitivities. Once we performed the releasement, her seizures dramatically decreased. As she cleaned up her diet they completely disappeared.

Her mom says she has an occasional seizure now and it is usually when they sense a spirit in the home or when she cheats on her diet. When she does have a seizure now, we know why and how to manage it. My client spent time honing her intuitive gift and now enjoys a full life.

This work brings miracles and helps the client see themselves and their illness with compassion and understanding. It is very spiritual work and must be done in a sacred and safe setting.

Below You Will Find a List of Symptoms People Struggle with When They Have Attachments

***make sure you have ruled out any health conditions first***

Emotional Issues

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Chronic Illness (Especially Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis & Mental Illness)

Sudden Onset of Irritability or Sudden Mood Changes

Anger & Rage Issues (Not Previously Present)

Talking to Yourself or Having Conversations in Your Mind

Sudden Personality and Mood Shifts

Developing New Vices or Feeling Drawn to New Activities/Behaviors

Feeling Like You Are Being Watched

Cravings For Food that You Normally Do Not Eat

Certain Mental Disorders (Especially Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder and Dissociative Personality Disorders)


Insomnia or Restless Sleep

Changes in Body Temperature

Frequent Bouts of Nausea or Stomach Issues

Tasting or Smelling Metal or Sulfur

Extreme Lethargy, Even With Enough Sleep

Feeling Like You Are Dragging a Weight Behind You

Losing Time or Forgetting Where/What You Were Doing

Pain Located in One Area of the Body or an Injury Not Healing As it Should

Loss of Self

Not Recognizing Yourself In Mirrors or Pictures

Friends/Family Telling Your that You are “Not Acting Like Yourself”

Feeling Like You Want to Die or Leave This Planet

Watching or Reading About Negative or Dark Topics

Nightmares or Night Terrors

Seeing Shadows Out of the Corner of Your Eye

If you have more than 8 of these symptoms, most likely you are struggling with attachment issues.

Having an attachment does not mean you are a bad person or that you did anything to deserve this.

Energy is energy. It needs a place to go if it does not move into the light.

If an energy is roaming the earth and sees your light, it can easily latch on to your energy field and feed off of your essence.

Once you have one attachment, it is much easier for others to join them.

There is also a chance that you are a medium and a channel. If that is the case, your skills will need to be honed in on, in order to increase your energy field.

Once you learn to manage your gift, you will find it easier to manage the energies that are drawn to your light.

Protecting you energy and knowing who you are deep inside is a MUST to avoid attachments.

Below You Will Find Some Tips to Protect Your Body and Mind From Attachments

Avoid Drugs & Alcohol (even caffeine and sugar will weaken your energy field)

Surround Yourself with White Light, Violet Light or a Rainbow at Least Twice a Day

Ask For Protection from Your Guardian Angels or Archangel Michael

Steer Clear of Television or Music with Dark Undertones, Anger or Violence. That is Their Food.

Avoid Unhealthy Sex Acts Like Porn or Casual Sex. Treat Your Body Like a Temple

Eat Foods that are Alive and Vibrant. Avoid Processed Foods and Chemicals

Spend Time Outside or In Churches or at Spiritual Retreats or Meditations

Christians: There is NOTHING More Powerful than the Name of Jesus Christ. A Dark Energy Can’t Stay in Your Space If His Name is Invoked. (Think of it like gravity. His name is a force beyond our control or the control of the demonic forces)

If the energy attached to you is demonic, you CAN bore it so much it will leave and find another host.

If the dark force with you was assigned to you to knock you off your path, getting rid of it will not be as easy as boring it to death.

Yes, demonic forces are assigned to people to keep them sick and to stop them from fulfilling their life purpose.

It you try everything I have listed above and are still struggling, working with a skilled practitioner is your safest route to being free of attachments.

You can also put up protective barriers around you in your session and get clarity on what your intuitive gifts are and instructions on how to better manage those gifts.

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