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If so, a Life Coach & Hypnotherapist May Be Just What You Need!

Opening your own business can be a challenge, even for the most gifted business person.

Most of the clients I coach are healers and practitioners who are ready to create their BLISS BUSINESS, but feel overwhelmed and do not know where to begin.

I work with practitioners who feel they have limiting beliefs or blocks that are keeping them from fully moving forward in their purpose.

Some healers have had past lives that are keeping them blocked in this lifetime. Other healers have old poverty vows or programming that need to be cleared.

I have found that families and friends can be big blocks to creating a Bliss Business. Having a Life Coach as your cheerleader can keep your momentum going when those around you bring you down.

Many of my clients will have blocks with technology OR promoting themselves. These challenges require both coaching and subconscious work.

It can be VERY powerful to work with a Life Coach that is also a hypnotherapist.

This combination allows you to create a plan with clear goals AND remove any blocks that might keep you from achieving your goals.

One of my greatest skills is helping clients find what they are passionate about and creating a business out of it that feeds their soul AND brings them abundance and prosperity.

I believe that you are on this earth to do something AMAZING.

If you are willing to say YES to your life purpose, a life of bliss will be yours to enjoy AND you will bring bliss to everyone you meet!

Being a Blisspreneur means every day feels like a vacation! You are living and working in full alignment with your true purpose and will passion. Life becomes easy, breezy...blissful!

Are you ready to say YES to Blissful Living? The world is waiting for you!

Ready, Set...Bliss!

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