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Hi! My Name is Natalie McGovern.

I consider myself a Blisspreneur. What is that, you ask? Great question!

​A Blisspreneur is a person who takes the pain from their past and transforms it into their LIFE PURPOSE. This powerful individual combines their UNIQUE GIFTS and TALENTS with their DREAMS and PASSIONS, shifting the planet into an awakened state of balance and bliss.

When a Blisspreneur SHARES THEIR SHINE, the life of their dreams flows in. Their burdens shift into bliss and they want to share that bliss with everyone they meet. As they share their passions, prosperity flows in and they step easily into Blissful Living.

That brings me to MY BLISS! I don’t know about you, but I did not always know what my bliss was. I certainly did not think I was unique or talented. In fact, I hated myself a lot.

I found Holistic Health when I was at my darkest. I had been struggling for years with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. My body and mind were extremely imbalanced.

I ended up on 9 different psychiatric medications and was on 11 medications total. I gained 100 pounds. I had chronic pain, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, daily migraines, digestive issues, constipation, and hypothyroidism.

I was full of anger, hurt and shame. I was not able to take care of myself and was living with my parents.


My nephew Porter's birth woke me up.

I not only wanted to be alive again, I wanted to live my life with purpose.

I had no idea just how blissful my life could become.

Symptoms of Food Sensitivities

Everyone's body will respond differently to food sensitivities and food allergies. My dairy and gluten sensitivity caused severe inflammation in my gut.

I suffered from daily migraines, constipation, digestive issues, stomach pains, severe acne, anger, depression and weight issues. Ignoring a food sensitivity can cause it to turn into a food intolerance.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? If so, you may benefit from doing a food elimination cleanse or allergy testing.

I found my bliss through Google. One day, I was desperate and typed “How to heal naturally from mental illness” into the search engine.

My Google search opened up doorways for me that had been previously closed.

I discovered a world of self-healing techniques, mentors, educators, coaches and healers to help me. Many of these people taught me through books, podcasts, videos and blogs!

I received my certifications in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Polarity Therapy and continued to take courses to educate and empower myself and my clients. I am now an instructor at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and teach several of the classes I used to take!

I am passionate about holistic health and have my private holistic practice, Blissful Living.

I work with clients in personal sessions to help them discover their own balance and bliss. I also teach private classes and group classes, both “in person” and “virtually”.

I have completed over 2,000 personal sessions and worked with over 300 individual clients. This means I have witnessed many people just like YOU transform their lives!

I look forward to sharing my bliss with you! My hope is to create a world of Blisspreneurs. I KNOW if you are reading this you are supposed to be on Team Bliss! I hope to see you in one of my classes or at my office (in person or virtually!).

​Have a blissful day!

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