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Below you will find the different types of services I offer. In order to receive these services, you must complete a Discovery Call with me. This call allows me to determine if my services can support your goals and needs.

If you are an existing client, please see your guidebook for the links you need to schedule your sessions.

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Intuitive Life Coaching

A Life Coach uses powerful questions to help you find answers you already have within you.

Intuitive Life Coaches use their own intuitive gifts to ask those questions AND help you learn how to tap into your own intuitive gifts to create a life of bliss.

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Hypnotherapy (also known as “Guided Imagery” or “Visualization”) is a process of deep relaxation which allows you to access your subconscious mind and Higher Self to create change in your life.

This modality can be used to manage pain, reduce anxiety, remove fears and phobias and create behavioral change.

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Business Coaching & Consulting

Hiring a business coach is an empowered way to approach creating a lifestyle business.

I love to work with Blisspreneurs, or people who take their past pain, life burdens, and limiting beliefs and transform them into a business that brings them bliss!

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Education & Training

In order to stay balanced and blissful, it is important you educate yourself.

Each client I work with will benefit from different forms of education which depend on their current life blocks and future goals.

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Specialty Services

The below services are only available for existing clients. To receive these services, you must have at least one general hypnotherapy session with me, or have received hypnotherapy in the past.

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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regressions are a big part of healing chronic illness, addictions and mood disorders.

A regression does not always go into a past life. You may regress to your mother's womb, a memory from childhood, another dimension, a memory of an ancestor, or even to the future.

Regression work is very spiritual and provides you with a platform for powerful transformation.

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Spirit Releasement

If you are struggling with chronic illness, mental illness, pain, anxiety, PTSD or other forms of dis-ease, you may have attachments of energy that need to be released so you can fully heal.

Spirit Releasement covers a broad range of issues. You may have memories attached to you like cords. Those cords will pull on your body and mind causing dis-ease.

Many of my clients are actually gifted empaths and mediums who have lost souls attached to them or around them. These souls need to be guided into the light.

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Chakra Balancing/Education

Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. The chakras are energy centers that correlate with the major glands in our body.

Blocked chakras will cause dis-ease in the person’s system. Understanding the basic concepts can allow you to stay healthy and balanced and feeling very BLISSFUL!

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Ulta Lab Tests

I have partnered with Ulta Labs Tests to make your healing journey easy, breezy...blissful!

Below you will find the benefits of Ulta Lab Tests and how it can help you return your body and mind to balance and bliss!

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