My Full Story

Me and my Nephew!

Porter has brought so much joy into my life.

He has taught me that my very existence is enough.

He has shown me that life itself is the miracle.

Now, I live each day seeing blessings and bliss wherever I go.

In the Beginning….

I grew up in Oswego, Illinois and enjoyed the small town feel most of my life. My parents were very involved in my life and I had two younger sisters. We loved to play and fight!

Even though I had great support and lived in a safe home, I struggled. I was not the best student and I loved to share my thoughts and opinions. Because of this, I argued a lot with my mom. This created a lot of stress in the home.

I DID NOT enjoy school and used it more as a way of socializing and seeing friends. I love to learn now that I have discovered HOW I learn! Knowledge brings BLISS!

Feeling Not Good Enough...

I was diagnosed with ADD in 6th grade. That label made me feel “less than” and “not good enough”. I felt flawed and believed I would never be able to do what other kids could do. It was very challenging for me at the time since ADD was a newer diagnosis.

I also attended a private Catholic school that was not equipped to educate a student like myself. (Creative, curious, outspoken and full of energy!)

I am so grateful that I am an outgoing person who makes friends easily. That is what I focused on in school. I had a fabulous social life and learned a lot about building relationships. I can make friends very easily and use that quality to help me connect with my clients and students instantly.

I tried to stay out of trouble at school and in social situations. I did a good job of that while in high school. I followed the rules as much as possible. I was grounded enough for arguing with my mom!

Most of my life I had this huge desire to find myself. I did not know who I really was, what I stood for and what made me passionate. I have always valued my independence and have had an open view on life and people.

I like to speak my mind. This did not fit into the family dynamic I was raised in or the Catholic school I attended.

Can You Relate?

Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever had a yearning to go deep within to find yourself? Have you also felt you were being kept from discovering who you really are by your family, friends, teachers or church? If so, keep reading!

Family Fun

My sisters and my friends were what gave me purpose as a child!

I loved to laugh and socialize. I made friends easily and enjoyed a variety of friends with different personalities.

Struggling to Find Myself….

When I left for college (something I was not ready for at all), I attempted to establish my independence in very unhealthy ways. It was the first time I was away from home and I was ready to explore.

When you struggle with not feeling good enough and believe you have nothing to offer the world, the GPS that keeps you connected to your Higher Power and true purpose shuts down. You are driving without a navigator and no lights. It’s a painful trip.

My painful trip took me down a very destructive path. I began to drink and act out sexually. That led to misusing drugs like marijuana and LSD. I also had very poor eating habits. I had rapid mood swings. I would go from extreme highs to dark lows.

My weight began to fluctuate and I had migraines and stomach issues. I flunked out of college my second year and was in several toxic and abusive relationships.

I moved to Arizona when I was 26 hoping the change of climate and scenery would help balance my body and mind. I ended up entering into another toxic relationship. This relationship introduced me to new drugs and even more hardship. I was very lost for many years.

At 28, I was diagnosed as bipolar. Even when I was spiraling out of control, I was still trying to save other people. I dated men and women who were struggling and also toxic. I took jobs in group homes, psych facilities, care programs, and nursing homes.

I was trying so hard to heal others when I was the one in desperate need of healing.

Does that sound familiar to you? Do you try to heal others when you are the one who really needs to heal? You may be a healer and the way into your bliss is to heal yourself first!

Life Lessons

My 20's were fun and also very destructive. The learning and growth I have achieved because of those mistakes is invaluable.

It's important to forgive yourself. This will set you free to find your bliss.

Waiting for Years to Heal….

Western medical doctors did a real number on me with the psychiatric medications. By the time I was 31, they had me on a cocktail of 11 medications. I had gained 100 pounds.

I was unable to care for myself due to chronic depression and pain. I had migraines daily and major digestion issues.

My thyroid stopped working and my body and face were covered in cystic acne. I stopped working and my parents let me move in with them. I shut myself away for over a year and even attempted suicide. I was in and out of psych hospitals. I prayed for death daily!

I did not know at the time I was being prepared for my BLISS. How could I have known each moment of pain was leading me to my purpose?

At the time I did not have the right tools. I had not yet reached the level of awareness needed to create change.

Faking Smiles

It was a struggle for me to be in public.

I was severely depressed, in physical pain and ashamed by my appearance.

My smiles were masking deep pain.

In this picture, I realized I was just as big as my sister Molly who is pregnant in this picture.

This was the day of her baby shower. It was at my parents house, so I had to attend. Taking this photo was so hard.

I cried in my bedroom several times that day.

From Madness to Miracles…

Spirit answered my prayers in June of 2009. I believe my nephew, Porter, was sent down to Earth on a very BIG mission. SAVE NATALIE’S LIFE. He did a GREAT job!

When Porter arrived, I felt such love for him and from him. I began to desire life.

I wanted to be healthy and I did not want him to ever remember me so sick.

Seeking Bliss

I found it so easy to let go of the pain while being around Porter.

Love and new life are a powerful way to bring healing to your body, mind and spirit.

The Power of the Internet…

One night I Googled “How to heal naturally from mental illness.” I kept finding hypnosis, nutrition and energy work as suggestions. I was unfamiliar with these modalities, but was desperate. I searched for local practitioners hoping to get the help I needed.

I found a local woman who was a spiritual hypnotherapist and life coach. She was really into healthy eating and showed me how healing food can be.

I fell in love with the subconscious mind and healthy eating! Everything I loved doing as a child was suddenly acceptable. I could daydream (hypnosis is really just daydreaming with purpose!) and life coaching empowered me and inspired me.

I am now able to be curious, open-minded, and ask questions daily. Holistic health brought me alive!

Within 20 sessions, I was on fire for life. I was off of ALL MY MEDICATIONS, I had begun to lose weight and I knew I had a PURPOSE! It was liberating to know I did not have to be ashamed of my past. My past was all a part of my journey and life purpose.

That is the best part of working with my clients and students. I know their past pain is the pathway to their purpose. Their life burdens will become their doorway into Blissful Living.

​Continuing the Healing Journey…

I immediately enrolled at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) knowing I needed more education and tools to continue my transformation. I received my Associates in Mind/Body Psychology.

I also completed my clinical certification in hypnotherapy, took their master life coaching program and studied Polarity Therapy, which is a full system of healing.

SWIHA Brings bliss to my life

The classes at SWIHA empowered me and helped me heal the past pain I was carrying. I was allowed to create a program that helped me heal AND educate myself.

I spent hours studying everything I could and gave free sessions to anyone who was willing. My mind and body changed daily as I learned and let go.

By the time I graduated SWIHA in 2012, I was fully healed and my practice was open. In 2013, I was invited to be an instructor at SWIHA, the school I credit to healing my life!

Present Day….

That brings us to the present and my bliss. My bliss is being my own boss and creating my own schedule. It’s empowering YOU, my clients, students and readers with tools and techniques to heal and transform your lives. My BLISS is sharing my knowledge of holistic health and watching you find your life of BALANCE and BLISS.

I love to learn and create. I get to do both every day. I feel like I am a living, breathing miracle. I think my clients and students often feel the same!

Well, there you have it! My long trip from Bedridden to Blissful. I am now driving on Bliss Blvd. There were lots of bumps along the way and I still end up on rough roads from time to time. In the land of Blissful Living, potholes and speed bumps provide powerful information. There are always rest stops and travel guides to help you!

Now that you know a little more about me, I hope you feel inspired and curious enough to attend one of my classes. Who knows, maybe you will feel I am the practitioner for you!

Knowledge is Bliss

I believe ignorance is illness and knowledge is bliss. I strive each day to learn more about myself and the world so I can help myself and others create a life of balance, beauty and bliss.

I hope my story inspires you to uncover who you really are deep inside. If you are ready to let go of your burdens and limiting beliefs, bliss will be yours!

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