Below is a list of obstacles and challenges I have helped people break free of in personal sessions and through my classes.

How many of these challenges are YOU struggling with? What have you tried so far to break free?

Physical Challenges

Weight Management

Body Image

Chronic Pain

Multiple Sclerosis



Skin Issues

Body Trauma

Sports Enhancement

Colon & Gut Health



Thyroid/Adrenal Health

Physical Challenges


Eye Problems

Tooth Infections



Frozen Shoulder

Organ Inflammation



Erectile Dysfunction

Balance Issues

Knee Pain

Low Back Pain

Success Story

After Weeks of Pain

After ending up with a case of very painful edema in both my ankles and visits to see my doctor who could not figure out how it was happening, I had one session of Polarity with Natalie. She held space for me perfectly and asked all the right questions.

I noticed a difference in my ankles almost immediately and the discomfort, for the first time in two months, started to dissipate. The healing continued and the second session was never needed! I will definitely call Natalie in the future!

Y.B. Gilbert, AZ

Mental Challenges


Mood Issues



Racing Thoughts

Spectrum Disorders

Impulse Control

Mental Challenges




Memory Loss

Memory Enhancement

Negative Beliefs System


Success Story

Rebuilding A Life of Balance & Bliss

Natalie is amazing, folks! She made a huge difference in my life... I was in a very dark place; just went through a divorce, lost my job, and pretty much lost everything. All that resulted in low self-esteem and a poor self-image.

Through hypnosis therapy and other techniques, Natalie guided me through all of this, and today I have had my breakthrough and my life is completely different! All this has changed: I now believe in myself, I have a focused vision of what I want my life to be like, all of my seemingly unconquerable hurdles are now behind me.

I have started my own business and it's doing very well, and I'm on the fast track to happiness and success! Thanks, Natalie!

David Hoxworth, Phoenix AZ

Emotional Obstacles







Boundary Issues

Lack of Empathy


Emotional Obstacles

Trust Issues




Ego Issues





Success Story

Finding Her True Potential

After my 5 year marriage ended abruptly with little explanation or closure, I spent the better part of a year trying to process the loss and redefine/rediscover who I was. I went to a counselor, I sought out friends who had experienced divorce, and I tried for a long time to make sense of things. I felt that I put all of myself into my marriage.

When it was over, I felt the need to connect to family and friends; to gain support, to let others in again, I sought validation. I struggled and often times was left with more confusion, more questions than solace. I knew my life would be ok, that I would survive; I just didn’t know what the catalyst would be to bring all of the overwhelming aspects of my life into focus – into something manageable. A friend of mine knowingly referred me to Natalie.

Not only did Natalie listen to me, she truly understood, as if she had walked a mile in my shoes. After my first session with Natalie, I noticed a shift in my attitude, and overall being. I felt connected to myself for the first time in years.

The fear that had such a tight grip on me, was releasing and I was able to breathe and enjoy the moments of my life. I feel as though I am actually progressing – moving forward, as myself.

The only overwhelming feelings that really seem to register anymore are those of joy. I look forward to continued sessions with Natalie, to learning more about letting go of all the little things that have been holding me back all this time.

-Laura, Phoenix, AZ

Spiritual Blocks

Loss of Self

Energy Attachments

Cord Removals

Past Life Blocks

Medium-ship/Channeling Blocks/Enhancement

Anger at God/Source

Suicidal Idealizations

Hex's/Spell Removal

Spiritual Growth

Higher Self Healing

Angelic Connection/Healing

Intuitive Gifts Activation

Akashic Records Journey

Sacred Contracts

Connecting to Ancestors & Loved Ones

Life Purpose & Bliss Mission

Shadow Work

Star Being and Home Realm Connections

Success Story

From Seeker to Spiritual Awareness

As I continue to align my earthly self with my higher self, my life continues to grow more and more blissful! Doing this Higher Self-Healing work on both me and my clients regularly seems to have opened up access to a sacred dimension.

I feel more grounded and centered, yet completely connected to my Creator, my higher self and my entire Divine team. So blessed and so blissful!

If you are feeling lost, unbalanced and constantly seeking answers, this work is exactly what you need to get back to balance and begin your journey to blissful living!

Courtney Long MSW, LC, CHt, ATP®

Personal Growth

Career Enhancement

Life Purpose


Self-Healing Education

Life Balance

Chakra/Element Balance

Personal Growth

Relationship Growth

Self-Hypnosis Training

Intuitive Gifts Enhancement

Body Recreation

Higher Self Healing


Success Story


“Choosing to work with Natalie is one of the best decisions I have ever made. She provides a quality level of care that is rare and hard to find. To find a practitioner that can be honest, yet compassionate, firm yet empathetic, intuitive yet realistic is such a blessing.

Thank you, Natalie, for helping me transform my life and support me on my path to wellness.”

Danielle N.

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