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Learn how to improve People Performance, Productivity, Profitability, Reduce Defects and Costs! Enrich your Library with Self-Help (Do-It-Yourself Gemba Kaizen) books and Visual Kaizen Aids/Tools - available at an investment of just 1-Meal ! 

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The Author, Shyam Talawadekar (1955) a veteran Business-Coach, is Corporate Advisor to leading Multinational Companies such as Bosch MICO, Cummins (Power Generation Technologies, Filtration), TATA Power, EATON, Reliance, etc. helping them implement Productive Management and Quality programmes such as 5-S, TQM, TPM, JIT, Kanban, Value Engg, Hoshin-Kanri, ABCosting, etc. under KAIZEN umbrella. Author of over a dozen books – his ‘World-of-Kaizen’, ‘Visual Management’, and ‘Kaizen’ in Marathi Language (all in 3rd Edition collectively sold over 20,000 copies) are the most popular ones.

Apart from improving employee morale, Kaizen (LEAN approach in the Toyota Way) improves Quality and Productivity by leaps and bounds, both at personal level and at workplaces alike. In support of this movement, indispensably innovative educational visual display aids are now available. These displays generate a lot of interest in Kaizen related promotion and implementation.Suitable for walls-n-training rooms, these posters can help educate as well as reinforce existing knowledge of all Lean, TQM, 6-Sigma, etc. Kaizen concepts/tools. Do display them and experience the effect yourself!

Currently, Posters/Banners are color printed and are available in durable waterproof material. They are un-mounted so that user herself has a choice of using Wel-cro sticker mounting or using double-sided sticky tabs with strong Self-Adhesive or Framing them for display, as the case may be. Although, each poster is a sort of self-explanatory stand-alone One-point-lesson in itself,  different types of pieces can be bought as a Set for a chosen Theme being practised in your company. Easy to stick Vinyl Stickers are under development. Bigger Size posters are available at pro-rata price on special request. 
Please send your suggestions for CUSTOM-MADE posters, if any, for bulk requirements in particular.

 Yes, I place order for Number off MRP Rs.   US $
1) World Of Kaizen (4th Revised Edition) (Click to view Picture & Contents)  1180 39
 2) Visual Management Through 5-S (3rd Revised Edition) (View Picture/Contents)  680 23
 3) Continuous Improvement PDCA Cycles (2nd Revised Edition) (Click to View Picture/Contents)    570 19
 4) Kaizen: A Way of life' in Marathi Language (6th Edition) (Click to View Picture/Contents)  200 10
  5) Standard Poster Size 2 feet x 1½ feet (English/Marathi/Hindi,etc.) per Piece   POD POD
 As a printing constraint, Order size minimum 10 numbers (and thereafter in multiples of 2)   
  Following books are specially useful for action-oriented Gemba-Kaizen courses during implementation (*)
(POD: Print-On-Demand, OOS: Out-Of-Stock)
 6) Stay Lean Make Planet Green: The Toyota Approach   290 12
 7) How To Enable A Change Process?: Start From Self Take Personal Quality Initiative (PQI) In Gemba Kaizen. Nurture Team Based Continual Improvements.  240 12
 8) 5-S in 5-Days: For Lean-Clean Workplace  240 12
 9) Get Over Crisis By Daily Management And Self Directed Teams   390  15
 10) Ego + Ego = We Go: Behaviour Modulation Techniques: To Improve Kaizen Leadership, Performance & Negotiation Skills  290 12
 11TPM-in-10-days: Total Productive Maintenance    390 15
 12) Stationary of Formats from our publications (100 pages A-4 size bill-book size pads)  POD POD
 13) Stationary of Formats from our publications (100 pages A-3 size bill-book size pads)  POD  POD 
 14) Pocket-Books  20 

The Prices of our publications quoted on this page supersede all other quotations, if any, mentioned anywhere else on all our websites & other communications.

(*) Stationary of various Formats from our publications are meant for privileged circulation only in our Gemba-Kaizen Action-oriented courses. These are given to Team Leaders and are used in our authorized courses hence offered for PURCHASE only IN BULK QUANTITY of MINIMUM 15 numbers at a time (subject to availability of stock). 

Prices-&-Delivery: Usually all our publications are available on 'Print-On-Demand (POD)' basis unless some excess-stock is available off-the-shelf. POD-prices with corresponding course-material-booklet-quality-print and corresponding delivery periods shall be applicable prevailing at the time of confirmed order in writing with advance payment. Ask for corresponding details. You may request for copyright-terms-&-permission specially for stationary/formats from our publications.

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