Hoshin-Kanri & Benchmarking

Hoshin-Kanri & Benchmarking 

Policy Deployment To Achieve Vision-Mission-Goals Through Continual-Improvement-Culture!

Hoshin-Kanri, the Japanese term for policy deployment, or management-by-policy, is an approach to strategic planning and business improvement that has become a pillar of total-quality-management or total-productivity-management for a growing number of companies worldwide. 

Hoshin-Kanri has created critical bridges among corporate vision-mission-goals and their company-wide deployment. It offers top & middle managers a guide to customize a performance deployment programme especially suited to their company.

This management process was first tried by Hewlett-Packard Japanese subsidiary when it was striving to win the Deming awardHoshin merged the quality improvement process into management and planning processes in a natural and consistent way. The practice of Hoshin-Kanri will enable practising companies to:

*           Align & interlock all departmental and individual project goals to corporate goals & eliminate duplication of efforts.

*           Communicate to every employee his or her role in achieving the company vision.

*           Closely monitor performance using carefully devised measures of progress i.e. Performance Development Process.

*           Benchmark & gain competitive advantage by re-engineering your business processes.

*           Adapt best practices from competitors and non-competitors and become the best in their class.

The programme shall help the participants learn how Hoshin-Kanri way to strategy planning can increase their company’s responsiveness to social, economic and technical changes through flexible strategic management. 

Expected Outcome: (For Duration: 1 Day)

Awareness Level Programme:  OVERVIEW of the Strategy Deployment Process (The Hoshin Kanri Way).

For Whom: The programme is ideally suited for Senior Management Team, especially the cross-functional heads who most naturally are responsible for company-wide changes directed through break-through objectives & benchmarks.  

Programme Contents:                                                             (Duration: 1 Day, Generic Contents)

1)         What's Hoshin-Kanri? How does it help in order to be an Excellent Company?

2)         Journey from vision to management strategy

3)         Hoshin-Kanri with daily control, cross-functional management, and work-plans

4)         Implementation of Hoshin-Kanri: case studies

5)         Hoshin-Kanri for service departments.

6)         Hoshin-Kanri as a part of Continual-Improvement-culture & Performance Development

7)         What's Benchmarking? Whom & How to Benchmark?

8)         Hoshin-Kanri to Benchmark.

10)       Roadmap: The Path-Ahead To evolve vision and management strategy to deploy it.

Expected Outcome for Application oriented programme: (Duration: Need-based)

Application oriented programme is conducted in a protracted manner. It involves protracted inputs beginning at least two-months before financial year begins. It begins with assessing Current-Status of the organisation. The current-assessment becomes INPUT to the next step, that of involving senior management team in arriving at FOCUSED STRATEGIES to DEPLOY VISION of the company in tune with various STAKEHOLDER-NEEDS in the changing BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT.

Course Material: Stay-Lean Booklet