Innovation Management as a Daily Business

7-Hats Innovation In 7-Days


Is your competition over-taking you in Innovation? 

Are you struggling to involve your people (especially at grass-root level) in ‘out-of-box’ thinking? 

Do you want to make it easy to involve them daily in innovation? 

Do you want to get rid of the dilemma of aligning various Improvement initiatives: Innovation Management, Kaizen, Suggestion Schemes, etc.? 

Then here is a practical course that will help you answer questions and show you a way to make ‘Innovation Management as a Daily Business' across the company.

Objective: Learn how to incorporate Innovation Implementation into a daily business. 

For Whom: Top Management Cross-functional team (who has authority for company-wide changes) must learn-n-lead the process.

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What will you learn? – Contents:

1. What are the various Idea Management Systems?

2. Continuous Improvement, Creativity, Innovation, and Invention - What is the difference? 

3. How to engage all employees in innovation?
4. The concept of 'ldea-Factory'. How to manufacture Idea/s and convert them into Innovation/s?
5. Innovation in Products/Services (User Needs), Processes (Technical Feasibility) and Business Models (Viability) 

 Understand the market/client/technology/commercial-constraints
 Observe real people in real situations at Gemba
 Visualize new-to-the-world concepts & ultimate customers
 Rapidly Prototype: Evaluate & refine prototypes
 Implement new concept for commercialization

6. What are the Seven-Steps to the Continuous improvement of corporate creativity and innovation? 

7. How to practice corporate creativity and innovation? - The 7-Hat CEDAC Method in brief. 

8. A Simple Tool to practice corporate creativity and innovation – MISER, Innovation by 'Free-Engineering', etc. 

9. What are the prerequisites to make Innovation as a culture – Innovation as a daily business? 

10. What is the roadmap? 

Duration: 2-days to 7-days (or more depending upon application level and additional support needed) 

Additional Support can be provided for following activities as interventionists. 

- Handholding Problem specific Innovation Implementation in Teams.
- Install Enablers / Infrastructure (with Recognition/Visibility mechanism)
- Innovation Management as a Strategy incorporated in Daily Business (Nichijo Kanri) 

Methodology (depending upon availability of time and teaching aids): Presentations, Case studies, Exercises, Action-oriented Gemba Kaizen depending upon the proximity of workplace, Group Discussions, etc.

* The key milestones may, however, get reorganized for greater effectiveness.