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Winterbourne Steepleton
is a delightful village and parish some 4 miles south west of the county town of 
Dorchester. The parish is roughly rectangular in shape of some 1800 acres (729 hectares) in area. It lies on chalk with later gravel and flint deposits across the South Winterbourne valley. 

The South Winterbourne stream itself rises in Winterbourne Abbas just to the west and runs through a restricted channel following the line of the road prior to finding its natural course in the valley to the east of the village. 

It is an ancient area with 49 round barrows, large areas of Celtic fields, a church with Saxon orgins, strip lynchets and surviving 16th and 17th century buildings in the original eastern end of the village.

The Online Parish Clerk (OPC)                 Richard Crumbleholme
for Winterbourne Steepleton is :             Old Manor Cottage, Winterbourne Steepleton, Dorset DT2 9LG  UK
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St Michael's Church, Winterbourne Steepleton      (photos RC)             The famous Saxon stone carving of a angel 

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