The Church & Rector

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The North side of Widdington Church before restoration 1868.
Taken from the Rectory garden Taken by Mr.Potts, Stanstead, Essex September 1868. 

The East end of Widdington Church before restoration 1868
with Smith, Murkin.  Perry graves in railing 

South view of Church

This photo must have been taken before the Lychgate was built in 1874
Update the photo was taken in 1873 by C Potts Stanstead Essex


Photograph taken May 1911







The Rectory




The Widdington Brass Bands

Widdington Band 14th July 1909





Widdington Rectory Garden Party 25 June ??

Widdington Band Bazaar 21st July 1909 

The Rectory, from the Village Green