Cornells Road, Now Lane 

Widdington Essex

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8. The two Cottages on the north side of Cornell’s Road. September 1868.
(CH Ms)
The two Cottages, Wooden and Plaster, No. 410 on Tithe Map of 1840
next the Shop and looking into the Garden or Grange [?] 499-500 and
501 at back of Large Barn.  [stamped C.] Potts Photo, Stanstead, Essex].

Looking up Cornells   Road from the High Street

Looking up Cornells   Road 
 You can just see the William the Conqueror pub up on the right 1911

Looking down to the High Street,
e William the Conqueror pub on the left

The William the Conqueror pub
Taken around 1900. The signboard advertised Royston Ales, 
which would be Philips Brewery in Royston, taken over eventually 
by Greens of Luton about 50 years ago.  

Thanks to 
Peter Williams, 
For this
great photo and 
additional information 

Leylands House around 1944 

Mole Hall formerly Debdon