The High Street, Photos 

Widdington Essex

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High Street 


James Wright        

Joseph Coston

26. Pair of semi-detached cottages built on the west side of the road from Newport to Widdngton in 1867,
 and next to the house called Springill, September 1868.  [illegible pencil additions, possibly identification of people.]  (CH Ms) 

New Cottages built on the side of Old Cottage 395 

on Tithe Map Freehold and 0.0.31

Old James Wright)

Coston ) tenants

[stamped: C Potts Photo Stanstead Essex]

26. James Wright Head Mar. 81 Carter and hurdle maker born Saffron Walden
   Hannah Wright wife            79                   Widdington
   Thomas Wright g/son        13 farm lab.  Widdington
  Joseph Coston Head Mar.   40 farm lab. Born Widdington 1871 Cencus
Elizabeth Coston wife             36                Clavering
   Thomas Coston son              16                Widdington
    Susan Coston dau.                13                Widdington

    Emily Coston dau.                10                Widdington
Charles Coston son                    7                Widdington
      Ann Coston dau.                  5                 Widdington
  George Coston son                  2                 Widdington


George Smith          Ann [?] Thurgood

27. Pair of semi-detached cottages on the west side of the main street. Erected in 1859/60. (CH Ms)

These Cottages form part of Six Cottages all semi-detached 

(opposite Salmon’s Shop)
built in 1859/60 on Land No 493 on Tithe Map 

of 1840 and the sites of the Maltern
the Hawk House Tenement behind 

and Barn or Shed called Coopers Shop and
garden of Hawk House 

and part of field called Hammells (483). Now shown on New
Tithe Map 

of 1873 as part of Widdington 493 cont’g 1.0.18


George Smith  Ann [?] Thurgood

27. Thomas Coston Head Mar. 60 Ag. Lab. Born Takeley 1861 Cencus.

      Sarah Coston wife      54 Ag. Lab.      Widdington
   William Coston son       34 Ag. Lab.      Widdington
      James Coston son       22 Ag. Lab.      Widdington
        Issac Coston son        19 Ag. Lab       Widdington
        Jane Coston dau.       10 scholar       Widdington


27. all next door

George Smith  Head Mar. 25 farm lab. Born Debden 1871 Cencus

      Susan Smith wife               24                            Rickling
     Arthur Smith son                   1                            Widdington
       Sarah Smith mother wid. 68                          Henham 
      Ann Thurgood Head wid. 50 Laundress    Widdington
     Edmond Coe son-in-law    23 Ag. Lab.          Widdington
            Betsy Coe dau.                22                           Widdington
        James Coe g/son                 8mths                 Widdington




Martins took its name from John Martyn, whose home it was in 1369. 
This property was purchased by Francis Smith from John Collin Martin in 1844. 
In 1867 the old farm house was partly demolished and the
present house – intended as a shop and swelling house-erected.

28. Martin’s Farm after reconstruction in 1867.  There is an inscription 
under the top window above the shop window which reads as follows: “Rebuilt 1867 FS “ (CH Ms)

numbered 411 on the Tithe Map of 1840 cont’ g 0.1.23 and 411 on Tithe Map 

Surrender dated 7 October 1844.

of 1873 and containing 0.1.20

Mr Smith admitted as Tenant on Court Roll of Pryors Hall 


The whole premises rebuilt and restored by Mr Smith in 1867 at a 

very heavy cost.

under Inclosure Award 

Allotment No. 60 containing 0.0.33 awarded to 

Mr Smith for right of common for one Cow in respect 

of No 411 

Allotment No 60 part of E 422 on New Tithe Map of 1873

In 1879 the large New Barn built, the 

Yard re-arranged and Farm premises repaired.

Shop, Garden, Orchard and Premises at Widdington. purchased by Mr F Smith of Joseph Collin Martin as per 


William Reed             Thomas Smith




29. Pair of semi-detached cottages on the west side of the main street.
Erected in 1859/60. (CH Ms)


These Cottages form part of Six Cottages, all semi-detached 
(opposite Salmon’s Shop), built in 1859/60 on Land No. 493 on 
Tithe Map of 1840 and site of the Maltern, the Hawk House, tenement 
behind and Barn or Shed called Coopers Shop and garden of Hawk House 
and part of field called Hammells (483).


Now shown on New Tithe Map of 1873 as part of W 493 – cont’g 1.0.18
Wm Reed Thos Smith,


29.  William Reed Head Mar. 62 Carpenter Born Widdington 1871 Census.
   Elizabeth Reed wife      59                 Widdington 
      George Reed son       32                 Widdington
      Thomas Smith Head Mar. 32 Farm lab. Born Debden
      Sarah Smith wife       32                Widdington
      Elijah Smith son       6                    Widdington
      Walter Smith son       3                  Widdington
      Rebecca Smith dau.     1                Widdington


32. Pair of semi-detached cottages built on the west side 
of the road from Newport to Widdington.


The inscription on the front reads: Freehold 1866.  Rebuilt 1858.  
[Added in pencil: last but one pair on the road from Widdington
 to Newport, (CH Ms)


New pair of Cottages built on site of Cottage and garden 
purchased of Coate No 361 on Tithe Map Freehold

Stamped: C Potts Photo Stanstead Essex,


Peter Pallett


The Fleur de Lys


Post marked,  August 1906