Woodend, Photos

Widdington Essex

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Rumbolds Cottage, before restoration

Rumbolds Cottage 

the south side of the road 

leading to Newlands Farm after restoration, 1873


The Blacksmith Shop Woodend. These photos were taken 1901


The Smithy Woodend Widdington

 Renovation work to the Smithy 1960s 

Woodend pond, with Rumbolds cottage on the right

  Woodend pond. Photo taken 1901 looks like the same day the  Blacksmiths photos above 

Woodend pond on right
Old Mr Matthew Pryor at cottage door.

 Two semi-detached cottages on north side of the entrance to the road leading to Newlands Farm, 1868 (CH Ms) 
Cottages and premises at Widdington Essex, at top of Village opposite the Pond adjoining Rainer’s Pightle 
No 526 on Tithe Map of 1840 and containing one Road
purchased by Mr F Smith of Mr and Mrs Timoth (?) 
by Surrender dated 26 June 1867 and afterwards
enfranchised by Deed dated 26 January 1879 (?)
By Enclosure Award dated 9 November 1871 Allotment 61 awarded for Cow-right being part of 422 in 
Burgate Common Wells bit – and part of W 422 in New Tithe Map of 1873.
The Cottages are Widdington 526 on New Tithe Map of 1873.
Old Mr Matthew Pryor at door.

Just on a hundred year later they were ripped down

Widdington House,

Jocks Wood House

We think the gamekeeper in the photo was Joe Banks.

I would like to thank the present owners of  Jock's wood house  
for the following photographs 
and historical information. 
Also i would like to congratulate them for all their hard work  transforming  
Jocks wood into a very stylish and beautiful home.

Dear Gary,

We think the gamekeeper in the photo was Joe Banks.
 We were given the same photo years ago by an old boy who used 
to come out here for London for his holidays, who said he was Joe's nephew. 
He used to be driven in a Pony and Trap   down our drive from the village. 
Then when George Pilkington ( who lived in Jock Farm) took down High Wood he 
ruined the track by taking all the timber out. By the time we came here it 
was unpassable and the only way to get a car to the house was over a level 
crossing from North Hall Rd and up through the wood. I got a bulldozer to clear it for us.
I am attaching a few more old photos. We think the one with the dead deer 
in the tractor bucket is of a chap called Fontaine who still used to cull deer around 
here when we arrived. Then there are some of the house as it was when we bought 
it, and after we had cleared around it.


Mr Fontaine Hunter 


Here is a map given to me by Prof Oliver Rackham of Corpus Christi College Cambridge;
He mentions London Jock Wood in one of his books . Will send you brief note on its history too