Pond Mead Cottage 

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The story goes, around 1909  the wife of the Farmer of Pond Mead, asked for the old barn and the small cottage 
to be taken down, it seems she didn't like the fact that they blocked her view of the road into the village.

Around 1910 the old barn and the cottage (I am not sure if it was then named Pond Mead cottage) 
were  dismantled and rebuilt   40 metres away using timbers from the old barn and cottage.  

I think she also had her eye on the old cottage dovecote,  
if you look closely you can see it repositioned in the front garden of Pond Mead House.


The Construction of Pond Mead Cottage, 1910
Built by a local builder. Pickfords.

70 Years later, Pickfords are back again this time they
are working on a new Kitchen extension


The Lane leading up into Widdington Village      
 Pond Mead in the centre of the view about 1912


 Aerial View about 1980


The Cottage in the 1980s

I would like to thank  Pauline and Denis,for sharing these wonderful photos with us