The High Street, Photos 

Widdington Essex

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These are some of the earliest photos of the village.

This photo dates from around 1860s.
These three old cottages were knocked down after n
ew Victorian
houses were built in there rear garden 
the one to the left was the old blacksmith shop 


19. Block of cottages on the north side of the Post Office
Demolished 1876 (CH Ms)

These three Cottages as one Tenement with Blacksmith’s Shop and garden
form the Allotment No 490 on Tithe Map of 1840 containing 0.1.26
and were purchased in 1871 of the parties entitled thereto under
the Will of Miss Mumford and were then enfranchised and made Freehold

No. 490 on New Tithe Map of 1873 and cont’g 0.1.32

Pulled down in December 1876 and on the site thereof three Pair
of Cottages including Shop built in 1877-78 and 1879.

- The Hedge taken down and Stone Wall built in 1877 on the site
of the Hedge in this Wall are put the Old pieces of stone found
at foot of Hogstrough Bridge when pulled down by Mr F S after enclosure.

These pieces of Stone are supposed to be part of the Old Mansion
at Widdington Hall.  the Bridge having been built by Squire Chiswell
after he had bought and pulled down Widdington Hall.

the wet winter of 1878 undermined the Wall so built by Mr FS
and it was rebuilt in 1879.

(pencil note under main text reads left to right: Mary Wright George Wright Wm Salmon)

19. Mary Wright Gead wid. 65 Shepherds wid. Born Widdington 1871 Census.
Emily Searle g/day.

George Wright  Head Mar.  25  farm lab. Widdington

Mary Wright          wife              25                     Widdington
Susan Wright         dau.                 8 mths        Widdington

William Salmon  Head Mar. 38  farm lab. Widdington

Susan Salmon         wife              40                     Widdington
Walter Salmon        son               10                     Widdington
George Salmon        son                4                      Widdington
Florence Salmon     dau.               1                      Widdington


20. The blacksmith’s shop forming part of the tenement shown
in the preceding photograph – Demolished 1876.  (CH Ms)

The Blacksmith’s Shop with the three Cottages, as one Tenement
and Garden adjoining and forming the Allotment 490 on the Tithe
Map of 1840 containing 0.1.26 purchased of the parties entitled
thereto under the Will of Miss Mumford – and in 1871
enfranchised and made Freehold – Pulled down December 1876
and on site thereof Shop and other Cottages built in 1877.

No 490 on New Tithe Map of 1873 and cont’g 0.1.32.


30. Semi-detached cottages on the south side of the Fleur de Lys Inn.

[Added in pencil; Now one cottage belonging to Hoy.]  (CH Ms)

Cottages and premises at Widdington Exssex,  purchased by Mr F Smith
of Mr and Mrs Timoth [?] as per Surrender dated 26 June 1867
numbered 412 on the Tithe Map of 1840 and containing 0.0.34
No. 412 on New Tithe Map of 1873 and containing 0.0.26


These premises are in the high Street of the Village and are
next adjoining the Fleur de Lys Inn or Public House
Enfranchised and made Freehold by Deed dated 26 January 1870
By Enclosure Award dated 9 November 1871 Allotment 61 awarded for Cow Right.
This Allotment part of Widdington, 422 on Tithe Map of 1873
situate in Burgate Common Wells Bit.