Widdington Folk 3

The National School (CH Ms in pencil identifies Rev. JW Court in back row) 

Photograph of Widdington Folk who were all over 70 on Jubilee Day 21/06/1887

1891 Census Widdington RH12/1431 People over 70

Sarah Bird age 77
Charlotte Thurgood age 81
John Thurgood age 80
William Reed age 82
Elizabeth Reed age 78
James Wright age 73
Mary Ann Wright age 83
Elizabeth Fitch age 76
William Coe age 77
John Banks age 71
William Thurgood age 72



1887 The Jubilee Treat

Kitchen entrance to house Bishops

Jock Wood

Newlands farm 1946

photograph of an old age pensioners outing to the seaside from I think the late 1960,s.  
The gentleman second from the right, one from back row is Thomas Rust.
He worked in the late 1950's for Jeremy Dillon- Robinsons for a while.  
He was a cousin of Leonard's from Debden and lived at Rectory cottage until the mid 1970s.